A Construction History – Your Project List

Contractors were on site last month doing restorative work to Notre Dame Cathedral when tragically, a fire destroyed a good part of this iconic place of worship, the cause of which is still under investigation. Those of us that know the hearts of contractors and craftsman, know that none of them would intentionally set fire to a project they are working on, regardless if the project is as revered as Notre Dame or not.

When interviewing people from our industry, we can tell the connection they feel to a project, even if they were there only for part of the project or just in a supporting role at the company.  Our industry is proud of what they are a part of building and they should be! A lot of blood, sweat and dedication goes into each project big or small, common place or iconic and these projects are a part of the person’s history.  Even when a building is burnt or demolished, the history of its beginning or renovation over time lives in the construction team’s heart. Sometimes I catch myself reminiscing about a project from my past, and then realize the building is now something new and my heart is stirred.

A project list is the common document that accompanies your resume when interviewing for a new job.

Your project list should include:

  1. The Name of the project
  2. The location of the project
  3. An overview of the scope of the project
  4. What your main role was on the project
  5. The duration you were on the project.

Employers are looking for a myriad of things from your project list including what part of the project you were exposed to, what you are experienced with and what your commitment was to the project, the project team and the company.  They use the project list as a conversation piece to get to know your strengths and experience in the industry. They also use it to determine what type of support system they may need to provide you to ensure your success with them.

Several architects and thousands of craftsmen, nearly two centuries after the start of the building of Notre Dame, finally finished the main structures of the cathedral in 1345.

According to the travel website, Notre Dame went through ten renovation projects throughout the years with the most notable being 100 million dollar renovation project from 1991-1999. During each of the renovation projects, construction professionals added to their project lists working on Notre Dame Cathedral.  Every one of these construction managers and craftsman could all list Notre Dame on their project list, but without stating what their responsibility was, it would be obvious they did not build Notre Dame as it was completed in 1345.

Continue to be proud of what projects you participated in and made come to life, see new life again or take on modern day conveniences.  Your role, however big or small was important.  When preparing your project list, you can include pictures of the completed structures.  Some candidates list their projects directly under the companies they worked for instead of making it a separate document.  There is no right or wrong.  It is about your work history and finding the match for the next company that helps you build on that history. If you need help with your project list we are always here to assist.

To Building on Your History,

Suzanne Breistol