Mental Health
If you have insurance with any of the major health insurance providers, when you log onto their web portal you Read more
Hire Local or Not
The Department of Economic Development reports the State of Florida at a 4.7% unemployment rate.  Thanks to the leadership in Read more
Seller's Market
The brokers at the West Palm Beach boat show this year spoke of a lack of inventory—and yet, thousands of Read more
Job Seekers: If you are considering a new job look at the total compensation package; challenge, growth and stability of Read more
truth vs opinion
On March 16th, Israeli archaeologists announced the discovery of sea scroll fragments containing Biblical text. The scripture that was pieced Read more
Recently, while watching the preemptory to the new movie about the life of St. Patrick entitled “I Am Patrick”, I Read more
women in construction
During the first full week in March, many in the construction industry celebrate “Women in Construction Week”, an observance that Read more
Time Management
This past Saturday, I was looking back in my journals from ten years ago, and reflecting how John and I Read more
Does Age Affect Esteem
I saw a broadcast following the Tampa Bay Superbowl win that discussed the relationship between Buccaneer teammates Gronkowski and Brady.  Read more
Action - timing is everything
As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Never confuse motion with action.”  One of the eight priority scales that DiSC profile measures Read more
Using Earbuds in the Workplace
Do you work or live with someone who often listens to something through an earpiece?  AirPods and similar devices are Read more
Workplace Love Language
This past week, my assistant’s children spent a day at FLCC doing virtual school because of construction underway at their Read more
New on the Job
The topics of “personal insecurities” and “personal offenses“ have come up a lot this month. The interns with whom we Read more
Construction Management Jumpstart Career
Just as the battery in your car may need a jump start from time to time, each of us might Read more
That isn’t a typo.  You either glanced at this with anticipation to what you will be thankful for when 2021 Read more
Reindeer Looking Beyond Nose
This is that time of year when the lights shine bright.  One of our family traditions is to set up Read more
mentorship program
My husband and I often reminisce about our many mentors—formal and informal—who have shaped our careers by being a sounding Read more
2021 Vision | Company | Career
At the end of the year, do you ever say, “I am never going to let that happen again” or Read more
“Livelihood” is the means by which someone is given to generate income to care for themselves and others under their Read more
Construction is a unique yet truly diversified industry, because no two companies can be exactly the same. Though companies compete Read more
celebrating history
Have you ever received one of those nostalgic books that take you back in time to see what was happening Read more