Workplace Wishbone
I grew up a day’s drive from Plymouth Rock, where it’s claimed the first settlers of New England disembarked the Read more
Dealing with Grief
A few years back was a particularly tough year for me losing four close family members, including my dad. Most Read more
Onboarding costs sure add up! Do you know when they can be charged back to an employee through employment TRAPS?
A client of ours at FLCC suggested this blog topic. He, as all of us currently operating businesses are, finding Read more
Are you King or Queen of Construction Management? Find out the work expectation beyond a title that makes you royal in the workplace.
There is a man who walks Brickell Avenue in Miami dressed like a king. He calls himself a king and Read more
Is silence deadly? Workplace silence can be! Read to learn three tips to help you overcome your tendency to avoid asking questions.
This week’s “quote of the week” at our company is I remember when my daughters were teenagers, and they would Read more
Understanding what workplace loyalty means and a few quick tips on how to exemplify your loyalty to your employer or employees.
An employer reached out to me the other day to discuss a challenge with one of his long-term employees. He Read more
Construction Manager using his heart and hands to help rebuild after Hurricane Ian
Hurricane Ian, one of the most powerful storms in US history, made landfall on the West Coast of Florida and Read more
Construction Manager deciphering facts and opinions
One of my former coaches reposted a banner that said, “A fact is information minus emotion. An opinion is information Read more
If you are a construction management professional, whether at assistant level project management, field management, project administrator or any title Read more
How hiring the right Account Payable professionals based on their communication style inhibits risk management for your business.
Depending on the size of a firm in the construction industry, the accounts payable job may be a stand-alone role, or it Read more
The Blog image for "people vs machines" article to depict AI in Construction
The other night I was watching Rob Schmidt on “Newsmax,” and his Siri App on his phone started talking to Read more
Labor Day was originally celebrated in 1894 as an American holiday to celebrate the labor movement, contribution, and achievements after Read more
Responsibility in the workplace
The other morning on one of the news feeds I was reading, a person wrote in for help because their Read more
Continuously exhibiting 'Imposter Syndrome' on the job site may be detrimental to your mental health and hazardous to those around you.
Recently I saw a post from a long-time, former employee who pursued a new career with a comment referring to Read more
The leaders of the pack: from superintendent to field operations, Construction leasers - know to grow, How did you lead this year?
In sports when an athlete is playing their chosen sport at their highest level, it is referred to as “on Read more
How communicating effectively impacts your job functions and satisfying your emotional needs may helps prevent workplace discrimination
Recently, an associate of mine attended a national conference where one of the guest speakers, during their opening moments on Read more
Employees have different perspectives on workplace recognition and the lack of it or the style a company uses may affect employee retention.
Recognition, the word that means so many different things to people. Indeed, closes the top sixteen list of why people Read more
work-life balance
Indeed’s list is nearing the end with next week’s wrap-up of number 16 “Looking For More Recognition.” But, circling back Read more
ERC Blog Photo
Many of us employers were fortunate to have the PPP assistance during Covid to help us sustain our businesses through Read more
Financial Security - Employee Retention Credit
Indeed lists the 14th reason for people changing jobs as a person who is seeking a more financially secure company. Read more
Creating Workplace Independence
In honor of Independence Day, we are skipping to number 15 on Indeed’s list of why employees leave their jobs Read more