working independently in construction
Our company’s Operations Department recently implemented the use of Microsoft Teams, a tool designed to assist with ensuring smooth communication, particularly Read more
on the bench
According to Webster Dictionary, the phrase “on the bench” can be applied to multiple situations, such as a judge presiding Read more
what's in it for me
Time Magazine’s cover for May 2013 was entitled, “The ME, ME, ME generation”. The article that accompanied it is about the Millennial generation, Read more
Vision with Alignment and Execution
Despite construction being classified as essential work, both the coronavirus and subsequent political unrest have jostled the industry.  Though this has exacerbated the usual uncertainty that is part of our industry even in normal times, Read more
head in the cloud - idioms
Recently one of my employees, a naturalized citizen with English as a well-mastered second language commented on the different idioms I use to ensure Read more
elections vote Richard DeNapoli
Not a day goes by in 2020 where both critics and supporters of our current US President seem to be Read more
At Florida Construction Connection, we begin each week with an AHOD meeting.  “All Hands on Deck” meetings last an hour Read more
office cleanliness
COVID or no COVID, your office needs to maintain order and cleanliness to function properly and make the appropriate good Read more
Marketing coach and author Grant Cardone had a reality television series a few years ago entitled “Whatever it Takes”. The Read more
Culture of CARE
Associated General Contractors of America has launched a website called The Culture of CARE— The Culture of CARE is challenging Read more
The protests presently calling to defund the police are fortunately not precipitating the elimination of the profession.  Instead, they are mostly looking into the profession for needed improvement in agencies across Read more
On Friday, the nation received encouraging news that 2.5 million jobs were added to the economy last month, causing the Read more
Most employers have just begun returning to some degree of normalcy after navigating through a pandemic, an economic downturn, and Read more
Growing up in the northeast, Memorial Day weekend represented for me a day of accompanying my parents and grandmothers to Read more
Depending on the size of a firm in the construction industry, the accounts payable job may be a stand-alone role, Read more
return to work
The origin of the quote, “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses” Read more
construction quarterback
Reflecting this week upon the recent changes to daily life,  my thoughts turned to how life in general is perpetually Read more
effective verification
I am progressing through the second season of The Good Place, a Netflix comedy series about a lady named Eleanor Read more
Recently I have been monitoring the Nextdoor App and the comments written by my neighbors regarding their response to the Read more
Last Friday, we participated in the webinar from Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) regarding the virus.  If you missed Read more