Florida Construction Connection network will assist you with finding, motivating and maintaining human capital and developing partnerships. Services include talent acquisition, business introductions, interviewing, reference checking, team development and assessment, job descriptions, meeting facilitation, salary review, coaching, seminars and workshops. The FLCC, Inc. team work to bring you together with others for profitable, amicable business solutions and relationships.

No matter what role you fill in the construction industry, if you are looking to make a move to another company to achieve your career goals, an employer looking for a qualified industry professional  to join your team, a company looking for business development or marketing strategies and introductions or a business owner or executive looking to make the right introductions in the industry to strengthen your ability to grow the bottom line, then you need to contact us.

B2B Matchmaking

by cultivated industry professionals, developer to developer, developer to contractor, contractor to contractor; introductions to move business forward.


Talent Acquisition

to help you find the “Right” people to fit the job, company culture, and budget at the right time for the needed tenure.

Up to Date Knowledge

of the people, technologies and industry processes to help you with strategic planning and direction for your company and team.


Contact us and learn more how we can help!