Continuously exhibiting 'Imposter Syndrome' on the job site may be detrimental to your mental health and hazardous to those around you.
Recently I saw a post from a long-time, former employee who pursued a new career with a comment referring to Read more
The leaders of the pack: from superintendent to field operations, Construction leasers - know to grow, How did you lead this year?
In sports when an athlete is playing their chosen sport at their highest level, it is referred to as “on Read more
How communicating effectively impacts your job functions and satisfying your emotional needs may helps prevent workplace discrimination
Recently, an associate of mine attended a national conference where one of the guest speakers, during their opening moments on Read more
Employees have different perspectives on workplace recognition and the lack of it or the style a company uses may affect employee retention.
Recognition, the word that means so many different things to people. Indeed, closes the top sixteen list of why people Read more
work-life balance
Indeed’s list is nearing the end with next week’s wrap-up of number 16 “Looking For More Recognition.” But, circling back Read more
ERC Blog Photo
Many of us employers were fortunate to have the PPP assistance during Covid to help us sustain our businesses through Read more
Financial Security - Employee Retention Credit
Indeed lists the 14th reason for people changing jobs as a person who is seeking a more financially secure company. Read more
Creating Workplace Independence
In honor of Independence Day, we are skipping to number 15 on Indeed’s list of why employees leave their jobs Read more
Construction Manager Looking Up The Vision Statement and Mission Statement of the company that employs him
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A Change In Plans _ Construction Manager On a Call Coming to a Realization
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Blog - Time On and Time Off
More than halfway through Indeed’s list of why people resign, and at number ten, is because you, the employee, feel Read more
Construction Manager Planning to Relocate
Number nine on Indeed’s list of reasons to make a job change is relocation. This is an excellent reason, and Read more
construction workers shaking hands behind an overlay of 5 blocks with construction people icons with 1 block not able to fit
Number eight on Indeed’s list of why people change jobs is culture and workspace.  Finding out where and how you Read more
Construction Manager Receiving Feedback
In Indeed’s list of the top reasons why people resign, number seven is needing more feedback or structure in the Read more
Construction Management Employees Growth in Career
Sixth on Indeed’s list of common reasons employees leave their job is “search for job growth and career advancement.” The Read more
Construction Manager and Assistant
Indeed’s number five reason people leave their jobs is to seek a better management relationship. Indeed states, “If you feel Read more
Construction Laborer Discussing His Value in the Workpalce
This week, we conducted reviews with several of my employees. It is always for me a balance of demonstrating my Read more
Unmotivated Construction Employee
Moving to number three on the Indeed list of top reasons people leave their employers is “feeling uninspired.” The internet Read more
back view of a construction manager thinking about money
Last week we started a series of blogs to help you determine if it was time to make a career Read more
two miniature construction figures looking down at a straight and curvy dashed arrow as a path to follow
The words of a marriage vow may or may not be familiar to you. (I, ______, take you, ______, to Read more
two women sitting at a desk shaking hands with an image of an iceberg overlaid on the desk
The experts that report construction labor statistics, such as Associated General Contractors (AGC), Construction Dive, and even the US Department Read more