• The Authentic You is the One that Gets and Keeps the Job

    Warren Alter from Alter Surety Group posted a recommendation to read a book called Presence by Amy Cuddy. It is about bringing your boldest self to your biggest challenges. The book has a full section on interviewing, in which the […]

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  • Maintaining Your Wip to Prevent Profit Fade

    Profit Fade Profit Fade is a real term used by financial professionals to describe when jobs close with lower gross profit than was originally estimated.  If your company is not maintaining a Work in Progress Report, known as the [...]
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  • The Interview

    Joe’s communication style is to never say he knows something until he has all the detail and facts.  Sandra’s communication style is to say she knows how to do it when faced with a challenge.  She will figure it […]

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  • “All About the Base”

    We have a saying in Florida that “they pay in palm trees.” Not really, but it can seem that way for people wanting to relocate here from out of the area.  Often, we get people from New York, California […]

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  • Interviewing Construction Key Leadership Roles

    Recently we have been helping our clients fill key leadership roles within their Construction and Real Estate Development firms also known as “C Level”. These roles are the roles directly connected to the CEO/President of the company assisting the […]

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  • The Commute Dispute

    Today as my husband and I lovingly parted ways for the day, he shared with me a dream he had about getting in an accident that seemed so real. He followed it with how many accidents there were on his […]

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  • What is PTO in Construction?

    Traditionally in construction, employers offer separate paid time off benefits to employees which including paid vacation, sick leave and personal days. However, in the past decade, many employers in our industry have moved to a Paid Time Off or […]

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  • Credibility – Can you interview for it?

    Credibility is trustworthiness, reliability, integrity. It’s the process of being believed in. Construction is an industry that moves at the speed of light. It takes coordination and communication with multiple parties to complete many of the next steps. The […]

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  • Don’t let a Natural Disaster take you by Surprise

    Natural disasters seem to be happening more often across the country. From the fires on the west coast and the hurricanes slamming the south east to the barrage of snowstorms we can expect as winter approaches, there will certainly be […]

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  • Contractors- Heroes after Disaster Strikes

    Our neighborhood participates in a private social network called Nextdoor.  It has been fascinating to watch the different posts before and after IRMA made landfall and observing the differing attitudes among the posters regarding the contractors who answered the […]

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