• Are You a Titlist?

    Golfer or not, you most likely know the name Titleist and its simple, elegant script logo. The history, dating back to 1932, of the brand, the logo, and the parent company’s ability to stay in the number one spot […]

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  • What Might Look Different

    Taking our Christmas tree down this year—because if we didn’t, it might fall itself from being surely past its time—we both commented on how much we enjoyed it this year. That was immediately followed in unison by how we […]

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  • TikTok Truth When It Comes to Your Career

    TikTok, owned by a Beijing, China, company called ByteDance, is filled with people sharing stories about their employment woes. We first heard about Quiet Quitting, a topic I addressed for Labor Day last year. Now a term has appeared […]

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  • Taking a Step Back

    Sitting outside, doing some work on my laptop, I looked up to see a cable hanging down on the outside of the house. When inquiring into what it was, I discovered the contractors working on the outside of our […]

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  • New Year Prospective and Perspective

    This is the time of year many of us are looking back at last year long enough to look at adjustments in the new year with the intention of more favorable results. Recapping helps us gain perspective on what […]

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  • Remote Construction Management–Does Your Workplace Presence Matter?

    The Covid experience changed many people’s perspectives in the workplace. Some became more anxious, some more empathetic, some more lenient, and a whole other category of people became less committed to their employers, associates, and the responsibilities that accompany […]

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  • Gifting Toward Your Career This Holiday Season

    This month I posted on LinkedIn the start of the next semester of online classes for AGC. Every day in the construction workplace is an opportunity to learn on the job, which is one of the many reasons construction […]

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  • Holiday Traditions and the Workplace

    Do you have traditions you repeat at holiday time, every year, outside the workplace? Have you ever thought about how the experiences attached to those traditions could benefit your perspective in the workplace? Consciously or unconsciously, they can and […]

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  • How’s Adulting Going for You?

    Thanksgiving this year, by design, was a quiet time of mealtimes, movies, and conversation. During conversation, my daughter mentioned that her now full adulting was sure not what it appeared to be from a young adult, high school, and […]

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  • Are You in Workplace Wishbone Mode?

    I grew up a day’s drive from Plymouth Rock, where it’s claimed the first settlers of New England disembarked the Mayflower in the 1600s to make a permanent home in America. One game that came with them was the […]

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  • Grieve to Achieve

    A few years back was a particularly tough year for me losing four close family members, including my dad. Most people associate grieving strictly with death. On the contrary, death just tops the list of the many life events […]

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  • What Do You Think About Employment TRAPS?

    A client of ours at FLCC suggested this blog topic. He, as all of us currently operating businesses are, finding skills-gap training a necessity with time and cost to acclimate employees at an all-time high and employee retention at […]

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