• Too Hot, Too Cold, Too Young, Too Old

    This is the time of year when you pass by condos and houses throughout South Florida and see all the hurricane shutters closed. The snowbirds and those that think the Florida summers are way too hot head off to […]

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  • Memorial Day – Not Just a Day Off From Work

    Remembering the True Meaning of Memorial Day Growing up in the northeast, Memorial Day weekend represented for me a day of accompanying my parents and grandmothers to the cemeteries to remember and plant flowers around the headstones of loved […]

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  • The Test of Time

    This past weekend, some friends and I took our first Brightline ride together from Boca to Miami to meet up with my husband for the weekend. Brightline was great, and the people who work there were super friendly and […]

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  • How Do You Make Career Decisions?

    While hurricane season in Florida doesn’t start until June—and is usually the time we can expect daily heavy rain showers—this year, South Florida experienced April showers that far exceeded our worst afternoons of the season, with the skies opening […]

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  • Aware to Care

    The first week of May marks National Construction Safety Week—a week to recommit your awareness to doing your part for a safe jobsite. Both workers and companies commit to building a strong safety culture and learn why it is […]

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  • Open During Construction

    While taking my usual route to work last week, when approaching the Wendy’s before the turn to my office, I noticed a big red sign: “Open During Construction.” Looking over at the restaurant, a full construction jobsite had been […]

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  • Dying to Work

    This is one of those moments captured on a jobsite that, at least for me, aside from a chuckle, gives appreciation for the trades and what they have to do to put work in place. I got to thinking […]

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  • Inspection Time

    This morning, prayer time focused on final inspections to go well for the project my husband’s team is delivering. Not only does this time in the building process often require longer working hours, it requires patience, collaboration, and communication […]

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  • Do You Love What You Do?

    Do You Enjoy Your Work? Saturday, I was at the hair salon, conversing with my stylist, the salon’s owner, about my new book and the conversations surrounding the topic since the recent book launch. While we talked, I observed […]

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  • WFH—Where is Your Workspace?

    Did you know WFH stands for work from home? WFH is when a company employee skips the office and decides to complete their tasks from the comfort of their house or apartment. Usually, this is temporary, perhaps a day […]

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  • It Takes Two to Tango 

    More than one of my friends over the past couple of months has informed me their personal relationship was at a crossroads, and the other party wanted out. When sharing their stories, they had already taken the presumed route […]

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  • Will You Help Me Celebrate?

    Celebrating Success as a First-Time Author If you subscribe to my blog, written weekly for the construction industry, or follow me on social media, then you might already know that on February 23rd of this year, I launched my […]

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