• Fact and Opinion in the Workplace

    One of my former coaches reposted a banner that said, “A fact is information minus emotion. An opinion is information plus experience. Ignorance is an opinion lacking information. And stupidity is an opinion that ignores a fact.” The last […]

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  • How Do You Like Middle Management?

    If you are a construction management professional, whether at assistant level project management, field management, project administrator or any title below director and above tradesman, like it or not, you are middle management! Just look at your company’s organizational […]

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  • Construction Accounts Payable – More than the Bottom Line

    Depending on the size of a firm in the construction industry, the accounts payable job may be a stand-alone role, or it may fall under the responsibilities of an Accounting Manager, Controller, Office Management or even the owner of a small […]

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  • People vs Machines

    The other night I was watching Rob Schmidt on “Newsmax,” and his Siri App on his phone started talking to him during his show! He paused, responded to Siri, and resumed. I find myself putting my phone in my […]

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  • Quiet Quitting – Not So Silent This Labor Day

    Labor Day was originally celebrated in 1894 as an American holiday to celebrate the labor movement, contribution, and achievements after riots from workers demanding a better work life balance and conditions. Many workers in the late 1800s and early […]

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  • Responsibility as It Relates to Monetary Gain in the Workplace

    The other morning on one of the news feeds I was reading, a person wrote in for help because their employer was moving them to a new position that offered more responsibility and complexity yet did not come with […]

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  • What is “Imposter Syndrome”?

    Recently I saw a post from a long-time, former employee who pursued a new career with a comment referring to imposter syndrome. This was not a term I had heard of before so decided to research it. According to […]

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  • On Top of Your Game!

    In sports when an athlete is playing their chosen sport at their highest level, it is referred to as “on top of their game.” Thesaurus.com lists synonyms for “on top of your game” as going places, on top of […]

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  • Helping to Eliminate Workplace Discrimination

    Recently, an associate of mine attended a national conference where one of the guest speakers, during their opening moments on stage, started calling out acknowledgments to attendees of various minority groups. After calling out a few, they said, “Anyone […]

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  • Take Notice!

    Recognition, the word that means so many different things to people. Indeed, closes the top sixteen list of why people change careers with “Looking for more recognition.” It only takes seconds scrolling through social media posts in a business […]

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  • Time To Shut Down

    Indeed’s list is nearing the end with next week’s wrap-up of number 16 “Looking For More Recognition.” But, circling back to skipped number 13 on the list is “Needing a Better Work-Life Balance.” Indeed’s author states “Having time for […]

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  • Employers – ERC Deadline is March 2023

    Many of us employers were fortunate to have the PPP assistance during Covid to help us sustain our businesses through all the uncertainty from the pandemic. Now make sure to see if you qualify for the Employee Retention Credit […]

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