Remember the first grade Valentine’s day parties? It was required you bring a card for everyone in the class. Even at that formative age, giving a valentine to someone that might not be so sweet stirred emotions, as did giving a valentine to the one you wanted to be friends with.

As you got older Valentine’s Day either evolved into a holiday you looked forward to celebrating or not. The holiday is hard to escape with hearts, flowers, red, white and pink all around you the second the calendar turns a page from New Years.

This year Valentine’s Day is on a Monday, so unless you took a PTO day you most likely have to work the day of and the day after despite any celebratory plans. When it is on a weekend it can go by without a mention at work.

The history of Valentine’s day surrounds the legend of a Patron saint named Valentine who gave his true love a letter before his execution. The front of the letter said From your Valentine. Who would have thought Saint Valentine’s gesture dating back to the 14th century would be today the almost twenty-billion-dollar annual industry it is today, celebrated in several nations way beyond its Roman origin.

Office etiquette should be much like first grade. If you are going to bring in cards or wish someone in the office Happy Valentine’s day, be alike with all. If you get flowers or gifts delivered to work from your sweetheart be inconspicuous and keep in mind the feelings of those that may be feeling indifferent. Bringing in treats for everyone to share is always encouraged and using Valentine’s day as the day to tell a co-worker you have secret feelings for them is always discouraged.

As an employer, Valentine’s Day can be a great time to show your team appreciation with a luncheon, cookie party, or another simply stated celebration.

Whatever your day brings on the 14th remember to:

Venture About Letting Everyone Needing Their Importance Noticed Engage , Securely Delighted About You!

Would not someone that is spreading verses dreading joy be more apt to hear “Be my Valentine?”

“Wherever you are be happy. This is only the wish I can do for you in this special day. Happy Valentine’s Day.” Author Unknown

Thank you for your part in building the future!

Suzanne Breistol




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