• Time Off and Time Out

    More than halfway through Indeed’s list of why people resign, and at number ten, is because you, the employee, feel conflicted about workplace policies. Indeed goes on to say that if your company’s policies for telecommuting, (which is the […]

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  • Relocation Time

    Number nine on Indeed’s list of reasons to make a job change is relocation. This is an excellent reason, and many make the change because of it. Annually, on average, about twenty-five percent of the individuals, we work with, […]

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  • Happy and Effective Working 

    Number eight on Indeed’s list of why people change jobs is culture and workspace.  Finding out where and how you will work is particularly important before you accept the offer of a new job.  Why?  Because your productivity will […]

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  • The Reaction to Feedback and Structure

    In Indeed’s list of the top reasons why people resign, number seven is needing more feedback or structure in the workplace.  Indeed’s author explains that some individuals thrive in a more fluid work environment, while others need more structure.  […]

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  • Do You Feel Valued in the Workplace?

    This week, we conducted reviews with several of my employees. It is always for me a balance of demonstrating my appreciation for their choosing to work for us and the discussion of how they are or aren’t meeting expectations. […]

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  • Lost That Lovin’ Feeling

    Moving to number three on the Indeed list of top reasons people leave their employers is “feeling uninspired.” The internet search for “uninspired” reveals, “If you describe something or someone as uninspired, you are criticizing them because they do not […]

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  • More Money, Please

    Last week we started a series of blogs to help you determine if it was time to make a career move. The list we are working from is from the Indeed career page titled “16 Reasons Employees Leave Their […]

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  • Interviews: Get Below The Surface

    The experts that report construction labor statistics, such as Associated General Contractors (AGC), Construction Dive, and even the US Department of Labor, continually report the shortage of both trade and management labor in the construction industry. The numbers on […]

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  • Academy Graduates in Construction

    Recently, a client of ours invited me to attend the Service Academy Career Conference (SACC) in Jacksonville, FL. The client assured me the academy graduates were not the average men and women who we are so thankful for, serving […]

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  • Big Shoes to Fill

    Do you personally know someone separated from a significant other who, when they start a new relationship, keeps talking about and referring to experiences with their ex? When a key employee resigns from a company, often the same thing […]

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  • Promoting Construction Trade and Management Careers (part 1 of 2)

    Our Governor here in Florida announced this year that he is granting $89 million toward training, and $10 million would be awarded to state colleges and universities to create career and technical education charter schools. DeSantis said the charter […]

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  • Workplace Love Language

    Thinking back about a day my assistant’s children spent with us at FLCC doing virtual school because of construction underway at their home.  At one point during the day, I looked out from my office to see her little […]

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