• Part 3: Stay Connected

    By Suzanne Breistol The old saying “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” has a lot of truth to it. Maintaining relationships and not burning bridges is key to building both a career and a company. Staying […]

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  • Superintendent – Is Becoming Your Company’s Safety Manager or Director a Smart Career Move?

      The push for safety awareness for the construction industry in the US is up. The 14,000 average deaths a year has not gone down in over a decade and it is not because people in the industry are […]

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  • Sustainable Career Growth

    Many are still suffering from the aftermath of the recession, yet for most in our industry, their personal approach is that it will never happen again in their lifetime. If you are under the age of fifty-three, with the [...]
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  • How to start a discussion for your job search in a group

    Posting discussions is a powerful way to find the resources and opportunities that you’re looking for. Currently, there are plenty of comments about individuals’ credentials, but they could maximize their results if they slightly restructured their posts. For example, […]

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