• The Super Superintendent

    “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”: a phrase coined by Benjamin Franklin long before the Superintendent title existed. The advice presented in this axiom is certainly taken up by those whom our […]

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  • Know Your Vessel Before You Take the Helm

    Anchored by Hillsboro Inlet this past weekend, I watched the parade of boats going in and out of the inlet.  The dozen or so boats anchored around us were all from different manufacturers and brands. While all the boats […]

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  • In Honor and Remembrance

    This weekend most people working in construction will get a long weekend to celebrate and honor in our hearts those who died while serving our country. Growing up, I remember Memorial Day weekend visiting cemeteries where loved ones were [...]
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  • Three Compensation Points to Ponder

    The construction industry had a bit of a decrease in starts at the end of 2018 only to again be on the rise as we continue towards the mid-year mark.  According to AGC and Chief Economist Ken Simonson, construction employment […]

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  • Six Conversations About the Hunt, The Catch and The Keep in Construction

    On the Vegas Jokes website, one of the quotes is “I wanted to get married at the drive-through wedding chapel. That way if I wanted a divorce, I could just back up.” When we make the wrong hire or […]

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  • A Construction History – Your Project List

    Contractors were on site last month doing restorative work to Notre Dame Cathedral when tragically, a fire destroyed a good part of this iconic place of worship, the cause of which is still under investigation. Those of us that […]

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  • Five Tips To Being Hired With A Relocation Promise

    Construction hiring managers are finding it more and more difficult to bring in the better qualified and driven candidates, while in-house hiring teams are pressured to get the open positions filled. According to the 2019 Sage Construction Hiring and […]

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  • The Authentic You is the One that Gets and Keeps the Job

    Warren Alter from Alter Surety Group posted a recommendation to read a book called Presence by Amy Cuddy. It is about bringing your boldest self to your biggest challenges. The book has a full section on interviewing, in which the […]

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  • Maintaining Your Wip to Prevent Profit Fade

    Profit Fade Profit Fade is a real term used by financial professionals to describe when jobs close with lower gross profit than was originally estimated.  If your company is not maintaining a Work in Progress Report, known as the [...]
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  • The Offer

    When hiring for a position typically three types of candidates apply: The unemployed - seeking a job The currently employed - making a move for something other than money The money chasers - always looking for a bigger paycheck Employers [...]
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