Six Conversations About the Hunt, The Catch and The Keep in Construction

On the Vegas Jokes website, one of the quotes is “I wanted to get married at the drive-through wedding chapel. That way if I wanted a divorce, I could just back up.”

When we make the wrong hire or accept the wrong job wouldn’t it be great if we could just back-up and undo it.  Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple. This is why so often we stress to both hiring managers and those interviewing for the jobs to make sure they have a minimum of two interviews. Otherwise, it is like a Vegas wedding where you get to the honeymoon, only to realize you married someone you have nothing in common with.   This week we are sharing with you some of our past blog posts on Sourcing (The Hunt), Offers of Employment (The Catch) and Why People Stay (The Keep).  We hope you will find them valuable as you evaluate your current employment situation.

The Hunt

The Catch

The Keep

Longevity and commitment, for both marriage and employment are admirable and highly desired by the majority, along with obtainable. The most common rejection we get from hiring managers in regards to candidates is “they jump around too much”. When considering a change you should always take time to evaluate, communicate and mitigate risk before you commit. Backing – up or backing out may seem the way to go, but a pattern of doing so, regardless of the cause will eventually point back at you.

To Hiring and Hiring-In Smart,

Suzanne Breistol

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