John Maxwell’s recent “Minute with Maxwell” was titled “ Grow Through Life”, wherein he teaches that some people go through life and others grow through life.

How do you as a leader know the key areas of leadership that are necessary to master in order to improve your company, and help yourself and others “grow through life”?

During several recent staffing planning meetings with clients, I was asked regarding programs we offer to identify areas they can improve upon in their companies.  It is usually easy for a leader in the construction industry to point out what can be done better, as we are an industry based on finding “flaws in design”, identifying scope gaps, logistical challenges and other challenges that eat away at the anticipated profit of a job.  How we approach the people who need to make the adjustments is what ultimately decides whether we are correcting issues or exacerbating them.

The “Everything DiSC 363® For Leaders” Assessment helps leaders within an organization see how the team rates your communication skills. 

The report generated from the assessment helps you to:

  • Understand How Others See You as a Leader
  • Explore Your Tendencies on the Eight Approaches – Pioneering, Energizing, Affirming, Inclusive, Humble, Deliberate, Resolute, Commanding
  • Learn Three Strategies to Become a More Effective Leader

The people that are evaluating you are anonymously grouped by Manager, (those to whom you report or are equal to you), Direct Reports, (those directly below you in the company who you lead and manage) Others: Indirect Reports, such as if you are an Operations Manager and you have Senior Project Managers report to you, a Project Engineer or APM may report to the Senior PM who reports to you. Others may also be accounting, administrative or others you interact with on a regular basis, yet may take their direction and receive their reviews from another leader within your organization.

An email letter and link to take the assessment is sent to both you and the respondents explaining the process and the confidentiality thereof.

Email Sample Email Sample

The report is then emailed to you once all respondents complete it. The assessment cost includes a session of your choice at our offices, or via teleconference to review the results.  At that time, the facilitator report will be sent to you. The facilitator report clearly outlines you expected and unexpected challenges so you can easily identify what you need to “Know to Grow”.

363 For Leaders - How Report Works

The 363 For Leaders Assessment is recommended for anyone who is responsible for leading other people to reach a goal.  In construction and development this could even be the person you have in charge of leading your consultants through the design process and you would like feedback on how those relationships could improve.

The cost to complete the assessment, including the follow-up session and facilitator report, is $575.  After you request it, will then contact you by phone, and send you the necessary forms. Once complete, you will receive a telephone call to coordinate availability for the one-on-one results review, including the facilitator report.

Do you want to “Know to Grow” your style of leadership?  As we learned last week, Quality, Quantity and Cost of Personnel in our industry is an ongoing issue.

John Maxwell’s Law of the Lid is “The higher you want to climb, the more you need leadership.” “The greater the impact you want to make, the greater your influence needs to be.” “Personal and organizational effectiveness is proportionate to the strength of leadership.”

Are you going through life or Growing through life?

Suzanne Breistol

Authorized Partner Everything DiSC - A Wiley Brand


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