• Time to Stay and Time to Go

    The Importance of Timing in Construction Management This month, I traveled up north to be with my extended family as we mourned the young life we lost. Not even a quarter of a century on this Earth, he was […]

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  • The Super Superintendent

    Qualities of a Successful Construction Superintendent “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise” was a phrase coined by Benjamin Franklin long before the “Superintendent” title existed. The advice presented in this axiom is certainly […]

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  • Aware to Care

    The first week of May marks National Construction Safety Week—a week to recommit your awareness to doing your part for a safe jobsite. Both workers and companies commit to building a strong safety culture and learn why it is […]

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  • Are You Lonely?

    We rarely think of the workplace as a lonely place. Yet feelings of loneliness can occur at any time, wherever we are in our careers. Workplace surveys often confirm the executive adage “It’s lonely at the top,” and the […]

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  • Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder

    Have you ever met a couple that is together and wondered why? The term “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” literally means that the perception of beauty is subjective. You or I can have differing opinions on what […]

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  • What Might Look Different

    Taking our Christmas tree down this year—because if we didn’t, it might fall itself from being surely past its time—we both commented on how much we enjoyed it this year. That was immediately followed in unison by how we […]

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  • Taking a Step Back

    Sitting outside, doing some work on my laptop, I looked up to see a cable hanging down on the outside of the house. When inquiring into what it was, I discovered the contractors working on the outside of our […]

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  • Fact and Opinion in the Workplace

    One of my former coaches reposted a banner that said, “A fact is information minus emotion. An opinion is information plus experience. Ignorance is an opinion lacking information. And stupidity is an opinion that ignores a fact.” The last […]

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  • What is “Imposter Syndrome”?

    Recently I saw a post from a long-time, former employee who pursued a new career with a comment referring to imposter syndrome. This was not a term I had heard of before so decided to research it. According to […]

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  • Born Free – Creating Workplace Independence

    In honor of Independence Day, we are skipping to number 15 on Indeed’s list of why employees leave their jobs which is “wanting more independence.” The article explains that “Some managers use micromanaging as a way to keep track […]

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  • A Change in Plans – When Job Expectations and Job Requirements Do Not Align

    Moving on, we find number eleven on Indeed’s top sixteen reasons employees seek to leave their current employer is because they think the very job they were hired for itself changed. Indeed states: “When you first start a job, […]

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  • Time Off and Time Out

    More than halfway through Indeed’s list of why people resign, and at number ten, is because you, the employee, feel conflicted about workplace policies. Indeed goes on to say that if your company’s policies for telecommuting, (which is the […]

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