Twenty-five years ago, I wrote the construction love poem.  At the time, I had moved out of the field and began helping construction executives and construction professionals connect together for the right career match.

I remember listening to the many challenges each of them faced daily in effectively building projects. The contractual obligations and constructability, in addition to, building a sustainable business and balanced work environment was at the forefront of every conversation. Flash forward to today, with additional trade shortage, ever-changing technology, generational changes, and production challenges, the task of running a business in construction today may be more problematic and often is more challenging when staffing.

Although I visit active jobsites still from time to time, it is much different than being on the frontlines every day.  In renovating our house from a 1990s style to a 2020s style—though not at all comparable to a large commercial project, I have been living on a construction site.  From demo to drywall, paint, MEP, am I ever thankful that these men and women in the trades choose to get their hands dirty and tear up the past to make way for the present. They are my heroes and should be each of yours. After all, who do you call when your air goes out, plumbing fails, need walls knocked out or even pavers put in? The pertinent craftsmen.

My husband is a “boots to boardroom” construction executive who started in the trades while in school. Although still willing and able to use the tools, we have shared many discussions while watching the trades as to how they each have a specialty gift.  The best ones not only do it cleaner, faster and with more precision, but you can also see how they love what they do and want the end-user to be happy with their work.

In 2018, HCSS created Construction Appreciation Week. Teamed with partner Associated General Contractors of America and branded under “I Build America”, the third week in September each year is now dedicated to honoring and thanking those men and women who work in the industry, especially the trades.  The movement also touts the many career choices in the industry, and the benefits of working in an essential industry with competitive wages, career advancement, and comradery.

What will we be doing at Florida Construction Connection this week?  Despite the many benefits of working in construction, it is a highly demanding industry and all of us need a listening ear from time to time.  We are pleased to announce we have added a new position to our team of professionals just to Love Construction more.  Randy V. Thomas has joined the team at Florida Construction Connection. He holds a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership and Organizational Management, and a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Randy specializes in leadership, employee engagement, operational design, and culture building.  He started his career in construction.  If you or other professionals in the industry need a non-biased, qualified listening ear you can reach Randy at 305-361-0094 x 12.  Both office and virtual sessions are available.

In addition to the addition of Randy’s services, watch our social media page as Randy and the team of FLCC will be going around town honoring individuals working in the field with a surprise gift of gratitude.

I would love to hear what your company is doing for Construction Appreciation week.  Send me a note at or send a post to our Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram pages.

Thank you for serving in our industry.  You are valued and appreciated.


Suzanne Breistol

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