How to start a discussion for your job search in a group

Posting discussions is a powerful way to find the resources and opportunities that you’re looking for. Currently, there are plenty of comments about individuals’ credentials, but they could maximize their results if they slightly restructured their posts.

For example, it’s common for a job seeker to post:  Experienced Estimator specializing in schools and higher education facilities looking for work in Miami, FL.

But to drive discussion in the groups, it should be asked as an open-ended question like:

Does anyone know which General Contractors are hiring estimators in the Miami, FL area?

Does anyone know if and who is bidding school projects these days in the Miami, FL area?

What GC’s do you know bidding work in Miami, FL these days?

Directing your questions will bring back answers that will better help you target employers that would potentially hire you.  You may only get the name of the company from the discussion, but then with a web search and phone call you can typically get the name of who hires for the position you are seeking and then either personally contact them by telephone or in person or through their recruiter. Of course you can email them, but don’t forget to follow up to ensure they received your communication.

Remember, the goal is to get answers back that you can act on or respond to for more information if needed and of course always respond back to thank those that took time to share information with you.

I hope this helps and opens some doors for you!

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Other examples for you:

Instead of: Superintendent with interior build out experience seeking position in NY, NY

Post:  Who recently has been awarded a class A build out project in NY, NY?

Instead of:  Electrical Project Manager seeking international work

Post:  Does anyone know companies that hire electrical Project Managers overseas? (Did you notice we said that hire, not who are hiring..  Don’t ask someone to do the job hunt for you.  Ask for information that you can act on)

Instead of:   Heavy Equipment Operator in Tulsa, OK looking for job

Post:  Who currently  has projects awarded or underway in Tulsa, OK with site work requirements?

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