How to Create More Personal Responsibility to Bring Security to Your Future

Last Monday night, Tucker Carlson invited Former FEMA Chief Brock Long onto his television show to discuss the Federal Government’s capabilities and limitations with respect to COVID-19 relief. Mr. Long spoke of the many natural disasters weighing on our government’s resources, and also spoke of overcoming a root cause in America causing extra burden on households and those assisting them by enhancing Financial Resiliency.

I agree with him, for despite the American economy being strong as of late, this epidemic is requiring many Americans in need of aid to sustain themselves without assistance.

We take classes from Dave Ramsey, Suzie Orman, and many others who advise us on the importance of keeping three months of savings, and yet I know that with myself it took years before we developed the discipline to first accumulate, and then to alienate the accumulation except under special circumstances.  You may think it is easy for us given our executive salaries.  But believe me, I think it was easier when we just told ourselves, “We can’t afford it.”

What does the three months savings do for you?

It creates peace of mind and choices.  Households that have a minimum of three months savings right now have one less worry of “will I have a roof over my head and food on the table?”.  They have sacrificed something to plan for anything that may happen- even the unknown- COVID-19 isolation. Did you or I ever think a pandemic of this magnitude would strike our nation?

A.W Tozer said, “Refuse to be average. Let your heart soar as high as it will.”

He then provided rules for self-discovery:

Tozer also said “But the sons of this world have not God. They have only each other and looking to one another for assurance like frightened children.”

Right now in America, in the world, in your homes and in your places of work (physically or virtually), you, me, and the other men and women in the construction industry can change our lives and the lives of others.  We can do this by using our time learn self-discipline in general and particularly with respect to current assets and future income.

Of course, this is not easy, and if you are married, it can be especially challenging.  Videos and classes are available at Financial Peace University or if you prefer a program not directly Biblically based, then “The Motley Fool” offers advice, and Judy Lawrence at offers a 7-week budgeting e-course called “Budgeting without tears”.

Those of us who run businesses are doing everything we can to keep our employees productive and on payroll while also ensuring finances are available and the business is not lost. Despite going virtual, we still have operational costs including, for most of us, rent.

The sadly ironic part of all this is the employees who most need the employment during this time are sometimes the ones we have to let go because they are unable to focus on their work. Don’t let that be you. Hope assures us of things we expect, and Faith convinces us of the existence of things not seen.  Do your best to focus on what you do have which is–hopefully– a job and a home.

May you, your families and your business associates be safe.  May what you cannot control motivate you to learn how you can be better prepared for you, your family and your future employer.  Government assistance is so much better when it is a replenishment and not a necessity.

Do you agree?

To Your Health and Financial Peace,

Suzanne Breistol


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