Learning from the Past for a Better Future

A couple of years ago, when Daniele came to me suggesting we switch from a monthly newsletter to a weekly blog, my first thought was, “fifty-plus articles per year.”  Now coming into the close of the second year of a blog per week, sometimes written by me (with proofreading and editing from others), and sometimes from another industry with specific expertise, such as finance, we have easily been able to come up with topics.  Each week, common challenges seem to repeat themselves.  Some are specific to construction, and some are more generally-focused on careers or business.

Thank you for subscribing and sharing, and especially for your positive comments and encouragement to keep writing.  In particular, I am very pleased to hear how the articles have aided in your career growth, or even just provided you with encouragement on a difficult day.

We have organized the articles from the past by category, Hiring, Interviewing, Finance/Accounting, Mentorship, Workplace Behaviors, Careers, Management, Holidays, and Miscellaneous.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year where your personal and career goals are achieved.  Remember, “You see what you are looking for”, and if you ever need someone to encourage you, we are a phone call away, or, if you are in town, you may stop in and see us.

Enjoy the Holidays,

Suzanne and the FLCC Team!


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