Employer HR Check-up

Human Resources Management is the function within an organization that focuses on the recruitment, management, retention and provides direction for the people that work in the organization.  All processes, programs and people within your company fall under some type of Human Resource compliance.

Yes or No

Do I have someone in my organization that is responsible for Human Resources (HR), whether officially titled HR or not?

If answered yes: Is this person responsible for keeping my organization staffed?

Is this person responsible for onboarding, training and professional development?

Is this person responsible for sourcing, implementing and managing benefits and compensation?

Is this person responsible for implementing, managing and enforcing safety and health within your company?

Is this person responsible for employee and labor relations within your company?

Do I think this person has the skillset, ability, attitude, time in a given week to effectively manager HR?

If you answered No to any of the above questions you have a potential gap within your organization that could cost you a little or a lot if left unfilled.


Sourcing, Interviewing, Rejection/Offer and Acceptance ;  The cost of a wrong hire costs an organization typically from $5000 to as much as 10 times that amount.

Employee Development:

Onboarding, Training and Development – As Henry Ford said “The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.”  Taking time to properly onboard new employees exposes wrong hires twice as fast as just giving them time to catch on, and can save your organization thousands of dollars and reputation. Training your new and existing employees is proven to increase morale and efficiency, keep you ahead of competition and aid in employee retention.

Compensation and Benefits:

Businesses of all sizes that are growing and expanding need to plan a careful phase-in of employee benefits, so that as you grow you continue to attract and retain the talent you need for further growth and expansion. Employers can expand this employee benefits package, as resources allow.  A properly managed compensation and benefits program will help protect you from a competitive disadvantage over your competition when hiring and retaining top talent.

Safety and Health:

It is important for all companies to have a written, executed and monitored health and safety program.  For Construction, it is not only important, but imperative, due to the death and injury rate being astronomical at an average of 13 deaths per day in the US. Businesses are never the same after experiencing a fatality, and as much as the penalty of OSHA fines can cost thousands and hurt a business, the loss of a co-worker can’t be regained.

Employee and Labor Relations:

The best leaders within an organization support Human Resources to be a non-biased mediator when a dispute occurs within the organization.  They do this by trusting and knowing that the best Human Resource professionals resolve the dispute as a mutual party, protecting the compliance side of the business, while showing compassion to all sides, to obtain a mutually fair resolution.

No matter the size of your company it is difficult to find one individual gifted at both the compliance and human capital side of HR, just like Estimating and Project Management can be done by one person, but typically the individual is better gifted for one or the other.   Solution;  The best HR leader should be held accountable for the full HR process, but given the resources to help him or her succeed, whether help from accounting, a clerical person or an executive in the areas that would benefit from a complimentary skill-set.

If you would like an HR diagnostic and help implementing a program right for your company we can connect you with the right HR expert.  Give us a call.  You can also join SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management, which offers not only a code of ethics you can read below, but many templates, tools etc. to help you with effective HR Management within your company.

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