There are many factors today which affect your ability to find a job right for you and securing the position.  Let’s discuss some of those elements and address how you can increase your odds of going back to work. Many employers have changed the way they hire new team members.  They are no longer willing to just try someone out on the job and hope for the best.  Companies have slowed down enough to see what the wrong hires can do to the company’s culture, morale and overall bottom line. Recruiters are diving deeper into the digital lives of job candidates to find out more than what you would put on your resume before they hire you.

They want to know as much as they can about you, your skills and your past employment history.  They are looking for people that want to work, will contribute to their company and team within the company.

Traditional job boards may help you get your resume out there. However, these systems lack the ability to really show an employer who you are and how you fit into the dynamics of their company.

LET’S RECAP: Employers post very little about available positions.  Often, what is listed about a job includes the bare minimum of what an employer is seeking in a job candidate. These posts lack the soft skills and personality traits employers really want for the position. As a result, recruiters receive many resumes for the same position, all detailing how perfect the candidate is for the position from an experience perspective but not whether that person will fit with the company.

REALITY: Employers don’t have the time or resources to sort through hundreds of resumes in a wide variety of formats. Often hiring managers are so inundated with applications that they are unlikely to even see your resume much less respond to it, especially if your resume does not follow an easy to read format that sticks to the facts that are relevant to the position including:


  • Who you worked for?
  • How long were you there?
  • What were you responsible for?
  • Why did you leave?


Include your education, certifications, computer software knowledge and a project list if it applies to the position. You can enhance your resume further with a reference letter from former employers. References verify your capabilities and show recruiters what type of person they are hiring.


Ultimately, your resume will get you in the door and into the interview chair. However, once you have made it that far it is up to you to ensure you shine during the interview to land the job of your dreams. Be punctual, research the company you are interviewing for, and prepare questions for the hiring manager to stand out among the crowd.


If you are not achieving your career goals at your current employer don’t wait to confidentially communicate what you are looking for.  We at Florida Construction Connection, Inc. are Career Matchmakers, not traditional recruiters.  We work with you to help you identify and articulate your career goals then take you through the hiring process to help you find the right match at the right time.  You can call us at 305-361-0094.

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