• Are You in Workplace Wishbone Mode?

    I grew up a day’s drive from Plymouth Rock, where it’s claimed the first settlers of New England disembarked the Mayflower in the 1600s to make a permanent home in America. One game that came with them was the […]

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  • Workplace Loyalty—What Exactly Is It?

    An employer reached out to me the other day to discuss a challenge with one of his long-term employees. He repeated several times how loyal the employee had been up until recently and how dismayed he was at the […]

    2 months ago, by
  • Helping to Eliminate Workplace Discrimination

    Recently, an associate of mine attended a national conference where one of the guest speakers, during their opening moments on stage, started calling out acknowledgments to attendees of various minority groups. After calling out a few, they said, “Anyone […]

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  • Your Workplace Contribution Quotient

    Onto number twelve on the Indeed list we’ve been covering regarding the reasons people leave their company is wanting a clearer vision. Indeed states that if a company’s goals and mission statement are unclear to you, you might want […]

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