• Inspection Time

    This morning, prayer time focused on final inspections to go well for the project my husband’s team is delivering. Not only does this time in the building process often require longer working hours, it requires patience, collaboration, and communication […]

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  • Remote Construction Management–Does Your Workplace Presence Matter?

    The Covid experience changed many people’s perspectives in the workplace. Some became more anxious, some more empathetic, some more lenient, and a whole other category of people became less committed to their employers, associates, and the responsibilities that accompany […]

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  • Are You in Workplace Wishbone Mode?

    I grew up a day’s drive from Plymouth Rock, where it’s claimed the first settlers of New England disembarked the Mayflower in the 1600s to make a permanent home in America. One game that came with them was the […]

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  • Workplace Loyalty—What Exactly Is It?

    An employer reached out to me the other day to discuss a challenge with one of his long-term employees. He repeated several times how loyal the employee had been up until recently and how dismayed he was at the […]

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  • Helping to Eliminate Workplace Discrimination

    Recently, an associate of mine attended a national conference where one of the guest speakers, during their opening moments on stage, started calling out acknowledgments to attendees of various minority groups. After calling out a few, they said, “Anyone […]

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  • Your Workplace Contribution Quotient

    Onto number twelve on the Indeed list we’ve been covering regarding the reasons people leave their company is wanting a clearer vision. Indeed states that if a company’s goals and mission statement are unclear to you, you might want […]

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