Title: Assistant Project Manager (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Job Function:

Assistant Project Manager is responsible for assisting in leading project teams within the construction projects from the preconstruction and construction phase through closeout with the Project Manager.


  • Five (5) years of construction-related experience and a High School Diploma (or equivalent) or degree in a construction-related field preferred.
  • Knowledge of the construction process and understanding of the specifications and field labor.
  • Knowledge of the project management process and principles of scheduling and estimating.
  • Strong skills in time management, communication, and the ability to work under tight deadlines and pressure.
  • Ability to develop and maintain positive relationships with all parties involved in the construction project, while handling difficult issues and/or personalities.


  • Assist in total project responsibility, scheduling, safety, staff compliance, staff developments and reviews, buyouts, and contract negotiation, pay applications, monthly job status meetings, and quality control.
  • Manage client relationships, project planning, and project document management, and assist in leading weekly subcontractor meetings.
  • Assist in reviewing change orders with the General Contractor and Sub-contractors.
  • Assist in scheduling and/or facilitating the various project meetings.
  • Have thorough knowledge of all major project issues and priorities.
  • Keep superiors informed concerning the progress of the project and any issues that might affect the schedule, budget, or status of the project.
  • Assist in the closeout of the project.
  • Inspect projects before city inspections and take appropriate action such as completing minor repairs.
  • Complete safety inspections and discipline employees according to the policy if necessary.
  • Maintain and complete site reports (during all stages of production).