Are you a currently employed construction management professional seeking help to improve your current employment situation? Then keep reading below!

At FLCC, we open doors for you at leading contracting firms to build luxury residences for $5 – $100 million and match you to the right company and right team size. We have a dedicated Career Matchmaking Team that helps you identify the responsibilities you want and work-life balance for where your career is today, and where you desire your career to advance in the future.

You work hard and we help you get employed with companies that value your contribution to their business, recognize the areas of expertise you have, and help you build on the skillsets you may want to have the opportunity to take-on.

Not achieving your career goals? What are you waiting for?  Don’t go at it alone.

Let our team of professionals help you find a right match and mediate the interview process to help you land the job to build the career you only dreamt of but did not know how to find.


“After over 25 years of working with construction managers and the executives that make hiring decisions, it pains me to see how many people on both sides focus on just getting the job or getting the job filled.  That is why my team at FLCC is trained to help individuals identify their strengths and needs and align themselves with the right company for the right role within that organization aligning both personally and professionally for success.”  Suzanne Breistol, Founder

“Sound Career Advice” – FLCC, Inc.

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At FLCC, we work with luxury home builders locally, nationally and in the Caribbean to help them find experienced, dedicated, culturally aligned, construction management, administrative, and accounting professionals to deliver quality, on time projects for the clientele they serve and the business model they operate within. (Builder, Developer/Builder, Owner’s Representation)


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