I Deserve More! Compensation and Title Increases

You work hard. You have earned and want a more expensive house. You purchase that more expensive house and move in.

After you get the house you realize it requires more time, energy and expertise to maintain. It may even have more modern bells and whistles that you are not trained to operate, or repairs requiring you to need help getting up to speed on. To get the new house you may have had to move out of your neighborhood, the one you love. The neighborhood where you have built relationships and enjoy the people that live near you.

Oh, how you miss your old house.  You are bound to the responsibility of maintaining the new house leaving less time and little joy for others and other life activities. Modifications on the old house over time would’ve been so much better.

Often employees in our industry push for that more expensive house also known as higher compensation or a more significant title before they take time to work through what it entails for them and others within their organization.

Over the next four weeks we are covering from both employer and employee perspective, new hire and established employee, compensation myths, tips, and common sense as it relates to the construction industry.

You may get the raise you ask for, but I guarantee you like going out and getting a more expensive house without discussions on what it comes with, you may live in regret. It is like quickly buying that more expensive house in the same neighborhood, yet the burden of the house and possible jealousy of your neighbors can change relationships and your sense of value and security very quickly.

Communication and timing, balanced with planning for the next pay or title increase outlines the change in responsibility and sets expectations that come with them. It will make all the difference for living in the house meant for you and your family.

You spend more waking hours at work then you do at home.  If you are in the right position and fairly compensated it is like being in the right house where your bills are paid, the house is maintained so when you come and go from it you have peace in knowing you are ahead and not behind.

Do you know your full cost to your employer?  Do you know what you are responsible for and how you are evaluated? 

Below is a compensation worksheet and a worksheet to start your preparation in knowing when it is time to get that more expensive house.





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