Winning Games or Winning the Championship

Last Thursday our team members from FLCC attended a leadership event where Don Campion, CEO and Founder of Banyan Air was the guest speaker. He shared with us some of the tidbits of his forty years in business, and focused his presentation on the last decade of investment of both time and resources from he and his wife in their rebuilding of Egbe Hospital and the surrounding community. Egbe is where Don grew up as son to missionary parents in Africa. The links are included for you to set up a tour of the #1 FBO, fixed-base operator organization in the Southeast or to read about this amazing project at Egbe.

One of the phrases Don made during his talk was “Talent Wins Games, Teamwork Wins Championships.”

This statement is so true in our everyday construction lives. Think about how many project teams have delivered successful projects, only to find themselves working for failing companies.

If you visit our office, you will see the below diagram depicting the different departments assigned to parts of the human body. Currently, I am experiencing pain in my legs and feet. Several years back I had surgery on my hand and arm that was never fully restored. The physical therapist explained that, if all body parts are not working together, additional damage and pain is often caused moving throughout the body until restored. This same type of traveling pain and damage can happen in a company if the staff is not all working as a team.

If you are an owner or leading executive at your company, do you fully understand each team members role? Do you have each role in your organization properly staffed? Do you take the time to help employees serving in the various positions to understand how their role relates to another’s? Do you have a scheduled time with the other leaders in your organization to work on the business, and not just in the business?

An Executive team meeting is not getting together to go over the status of the projects. An Executive team meeting is designed to look at how each department is operating, how it may run more efficiently. At the executive team meeting, as a leadership team, your responsibility is to set budgets, schedules and an execution plan to increase efficiency, ultimately increasing profits.

Talent Wins Games – Talent Builds Projects

Teamwork Wins Championships – Together, All Staff, produces profits & sustainable growth- Championship Companies!

We offer a program called The Zone to help construction companies launch professional executive team meetings. Whether our program or another, what gets the real pay-off is winning championships. Your employees have talent.

Winning Championships entices people to stay on the winning team.

Winning Championships gives the company the resources to give back.

Winning Championships speaks volumes about the Team!

Are you leading them to win championships?

To More than Just Games,

Suzanne Breistol


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