Marketing coach and author Grant Cardone had a reality television series a few years ago entitled “Whatever it Takes”. The series, based in Miami, featured individuals of all ages, races, and backgrounds competing for a job in sales and marketing with the Cardone Companies.

The show takes the interviewers through a myriad of group and individual challenges until the candidates at the end of the show are selected for a job offer.  The first thing people are  eliminated for at the beginning of the shows is tardiness to the interview. Other things the candidates are cut for include blaming others, making excuses, and betraying their fellow contestants.

Who ultimately gets the job offer? As you may have guessed, it is the person who did whatever it took to keep up with the challenges, answer the questions, show coachability, and show the ability to be a team player.

Demonstrating a positive attitude, strong communication skills, and an aptitude to learn may sometimes override the ordinary skillsets of the candidates.

Most companies in the construction industry do not scrutinize candidates to this extent, although many organizations are partnering and hiring companies like ours to do a thorough pre-screening process, including assessments to uncover hidden attitudes and behaviors.

Whether or not you have a job, the difference between keeping it or finding one will be highly contingent on how you approach each day.

  • Do you go to work everyday with enthusiasm: for your job, the company, the people around you at work?
  • Do you meet the expectations of your leaders, your clients, your associates?
  • Do you provide solutions or do you wait for others to do so?
  • Do you accept responsibility or do you cast blame?
  • Do you make things happen or do you wait for things to happen?

What sets you apart from others in the industry, in your company, in your specific job?

With all the challenges business owners and managing executives face each day, the ones they dislike the most are those pertaining to behavioral issues within their organizations.  No matter how talented an individual is or how needed their role is within the company, when one bad apple is part of the team, it begins to spoil the whole bunch.

Maybe you love your job, or maybe you are looking for your dream job. If you had to compete to the level Grant Cardone takes his interviews to keep or get the job, how confident are you in your answers to the above questions?

Talk is Cheap.  Do your actions speak louder than your words?

Will You do “Whatever it Takes”?

Suzanne Breistol



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