Florida Construction Connection, Inc

Digs Deep to Align Jobseekers with the Right Employers

Florida Construction Connection, Inc. (FLCC) is an employment consulting firm based in Deerfield Beach, Florida, which assists construction and real estate development companies with hiring, employee retention and professional development. Founded in 2004 by Suzanne Breistol, FLCC also works with professionals in the construction industry to help them obtain their career objectives and make their next career moves.

FLCC does not fit the mold of a traditional staffing firm. We take the hiring process much more personally, viewing the potential for long-term relationships between employees and employers as key to ensuring positive outcomes. Our team believes that employment is a serious commitment, similar in principle to a courtship or a marriage. As such, we strive to unite employees with the companies that will bring them the most fulfillment and vice versa.

Hiring is also much like dating. It’s about the right timing, effective communication, and honesty about expectations and goals from both parties in the relationship. At the end of the day, our Career Matchmakers always aim to put employees in the places that will provide the most rewarding opportunities—for both the present and the long term. Many of our candidates are happy with their current jobs but desire a new opportunity to advance their career goals. So, we help them identify realistic future goals to help eliminate false expectations to assist in transitioning during the “honeymoon phase” and continue to be available as needed throughout their career.

FLCC specializes in filling management positions across all sectors of construction. Examples include Operations, Project Management, Preconstruction, Estimating, Field Supervision, Development Owner’s Representatives, as well as industry specific Administrative and Accounting roles.

We are mediators for the career matchmaking process! No sales, just verified information for both sides to make an informed decision on where or who to employ with.