Back in 2012 before the election we wrote an article titled “Do you Approach Voting and Hiring in the Same Way?”

In the article we mention:

“ The right candidate is the one that not only has the top characteristics: competency, dependability and loyalty, honesty and integrity, a positive and proactive attitude, a willingness to work, flexibility and motivation (verified through references, recorded track record and sometimes testing), but also is passionate about the job. Other determining factors will be his or her acceptance of the budget allotted for the position and skills or relationships pertinent to the particular job.”

I think we have learned from the person that was voted into office for a second term that perception is not reality, and when someone lacks the top characteristics and has contrasting motivation to what the overall majority does we live with the aftermath.

Having spent personal time with hundreds of leaders in the construction industry, I have learned that perception is not reality. Many of the companies that have the best marketing departments don’t live the social image behind closed doors.

Next week we face an important election. Despite how you personally feel about the candidates help the country make the hire based on the issues that will affect you, your company, your family and the future of the nation.

Here are two issues that stand out:


92% of all Construction Companies in America are small businesses and the majority pay the 35% tax rate. If you bring in 1 million dollars a year in revenue to your business, you now pay $350,000 right off the top in taxes. A tax reduction to 15% would put 200,000 back into your business to use to create more jobs, pay for training, new technology and help pay for your family’s needs and education.

Affirmative Action:

Any of you that have worked with me over the years know I run the motto “red, yellow, black or white we are all precious in His sight”. After 20 years of staffing I also know that hiring the most qualified candidates is a mixture of timing and has little to do with age, race, sex or other discriminatory factors, but to do with the attitude, aptitude and the health (body, mind, spirit) and previous experience of the individual themselves. Currently it is only mandatory to have a written affirmative action program if local, state or national government is funding any portion of the project. Although all employers are required to follow the laws established by the EEOC, they are not currently required to fill out and maintain reports. If the candidate wanting more government control is elected you could see that changing. All employers could be required to report or be fined. Here is a sample report so you can see what that would mean for you, adding time, cost and exposure weekly and taking away your choice of the best person for the job, regardless of race.

Only two of the issues were shared with you from the employment prospective which are a really big deal. Healthcare (or lack thereof), affordable plans, immigration, qualified Americans leaving our trades as they can’t afford to work at the rate an illegal will, and the quality of education in America are a few others for you to look into. You decide; Is more Government good? Are more free programs good?

This election will either set the country on the right path or set the country back fifty years in the wrong direction. Which do you want? Think about setting aside how the businessman makes you feel, just like you do each day when your own boss chooses the wrong thing to say, and vote the issues that will secure the future for you and your families!

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