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DiSC for Workplace Priority Scale for D Profile

After many years now of administering the DiSC profile assessment to leaders in the construction industry we have discovered the majority of them profile with the Dominant (D) at the forefront. It makes sense as we are a high action, high result focused industry. Those that have the accuracy and challenge along with the high action and results, can not only move at the speed of light, but can vet out discrepancies, defects, and deficiencies with ease.

What does this mean for others who interact with these individuals on a daily basis?   They may find in a relaxed, social environment the D is fun-loving, kind, and caring, yet when things are moving quickly at work they can easily forget any niceties and send very short and not usually sweet emails like; get me…why do I not have…you did or didn’t… etc..

The D may not think anything of it because they are so focused on the action, results, and fixing whatever might be slowing their clocks down. Adding words to their communication is painful for this personality trait.

A dominant profiling person thinks about big picture goals and tangible results. They are bottom-line organizers that can lead an entire group in one direction. They place great value on time frames and seeing results. The D may challenge the status quo and think in a very innovative way.

When working with a D, be direct, to the point, and brief. Focus on tangible points and talk about “what” instead of “how”. Focus on business instead of social topics and try to be results oriented. Make suggestions for how to achieve the goal instead of talking about why it won’t work. Provide solutions, rather than repeat the problem.

Despite a dominant individual presenting from the outside not to care about other people’s feelings, it is quite the opposite. They are usually Teddy Bears. They tend to want to take care of others and are the first to beat themselves up if they realize they have hurt you or someone else as it is not their intention.

In construction you often hear them say things like “I need to take care of my guys” or “I need to turn the project around”. They are often weak in collaboration and will forget they have a team around them that can offer valuable insight and a helping hand.

No matter how you profile you bring added value to the team when you learn your communication style and how to effectively communicate with others.

Construction is a results oriented industry driven by schedule, budget and quality. Learning to communicate with results is an invaluable asset to have. Here are a few tips:

  • Make your yes’s mean yes and no’s mean no
  • Speak solutions, take-away,
  • Offer choices producing same result
  • Speak and write directly – bullet points, not novels.
  • Do not be repetitious.
  • Do not be indecisive.
  • Do not make statements and promises that are misleading.

If you would like to find out how you profile click here to learn more and remember next time you feel like you were just run over by the fastest car in the world, the Teddy Bear driving it didn’t have that intention at all!

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