• Calling All Developers and Builders

    This month we invited Kristi Gibbs, national executive director/CEO and founder of Construction Angels to come by and give us an update. We personally introduced our newer staff members to Kristi and discussed how we have supported the charity […]

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  • Fallen Angels in Construction

    One World Trade Center is the tallest building in the United States, standing at 104 stories and 1776 feet tall. It was completed in 2014. The Willis Tower (formerly  Sears Tower, its name until 2009) is 108-stories, 1,450-feet tall and was […]

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  • Construction Safety Professionals – Those that “Rock “and those that “Rock the Boat”

    Recently we have seen an increase in requests from companies to fill Safety Director positions. This is good news, particularly considering the problem of workplace injuries and fatalities in this country.  OSHA reports an average of 13 workplace fatalities per […]

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  • Constructing or Conducting?

    Recently, I tuned into PBS to watch an episode of Impossible Builds about One Thousand Museum—a project also coined the “Scorpion Tower”. Not only did the Pritzker Prize winning Architect Zaha Hadid pass away during the construction, the job […]

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  • Small to Mid-Size General Contractor – Who Should Handle Safety Within Your Organization?

    It is easier to say who the buck should not lie with from an overall company stand point. That would be anyone who is not solely dedicated to a safety director or risk manager job. Too often a dual […]

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