• The Authentic You is the One that Gets and Keeps the Job

    Warren Alter of Alter Surety Group has recently recommended reading a book called Presence by Amy Cuddy. The work instructs people to bring their “boldest” self to face their challenges. Of particular interest to us is one chapter on how to behave […]

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  • The Interview

    Joe’s communication style is to never say he knows something until he has all the detail and facts.  Sandra’s communication style is to say she knows how to do it when faced with a challenge.  She will figure it […]

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  • The Second Spouse Syndrome

    “I worked for a small construction company and they had cash flow issues.” I never want to work for a small company again. “I worked for a big company and they didn’t care about their employees.” I never want […]

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  • Interviewing Construction Key Leadership Roles

    Recently we have been helping our clients fill key leadership roles within their Construction and Real Estate Development firms also known as “C Level”. These roles are the roles directly connected to the CEO/President of the company assisting the […]

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  • Interviewing is All About You!

    During interview candidates often answer questions referring to we did this, or we did that.  I compliment them on being a team player then remind the candidate an employer is most interested in what they alone took responsibility for. […]

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  • Credibility – Can you interview for it?

    Credibility is trustworthiness, reliability, integrity. It’s the process of being believed in. Construction is an industry that moves at the speed of light. It takes coordination and communication with multiple parties to complete many of the next steps. The […]

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