• The Balance of Power in the Workplace

    Who is more important in the workplace, employer or employee? Established business owners know you can’t grow and sustain a business without the right human capital. Human capital refers to the stock of knowledge, talent, skills, and abilities brought […]

    2 years ago, by
  • Quality, Quantity and Cost of People    

    The 2020 AGC/Sage Construction outlook survey just came out.  I attended the webinar in which they confirmed over 900 companies participated in the survey.  81% of the respondents said they are having staffing challenges.  The top 3 employer concerns […]

    4 years ago, by
  • The Two for One Employee

    When the recession hit its peak in 2007-2010 next to the call from individuals needing jobs I received calls from employers for advice on reducing labor burden, aka “Who gets let go.”  Most of them had already cut back […]

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