• Five Tips To Being Hired With A Relocation Promise

    Construction hiring managers are having more difficulty locating qualified and driven candidates, despite being under increased pressure to fill open positions. According to the Sage Construction Hiring and Business Outlook Survey, published in January 2019, 77% of construction companies plan to […]

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  • The Authentic You is the One that Gets and Keeps the Job

    Warren Alter of Alter Surety Group has recently recommended reading a book called Presence by Amy Cuddy. The work instructs people to bring their “boldest” self to face their challenges. Of particular interest to us is one chapter on how to behave […]

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  • The Offer

    When hiring for a position typically three types of candidates apply: The unemployed - seeking a job The currently employed - making a move for something other than money The money chasers - always looking for a bigger paycheck Employers [...]
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  • 2019 Florida Construction Industry Compensation- Vertical Building

    Job Seekers If you are considering a new job look at the total compensation package; challenge, growth and stability of the position.  In addition, the track record of the employer should be evaluated.  Compare where you would be in […]

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  • Do you Need Better Sub-Coverage?

    Last week we hosted a private meet and greet for The Bluebook at Construction Connection’s Coaching Center, the SHED, which stands for Sharing Education. The out of town contractor was Life Time Construction, the Construction Management division of Life Time […]

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  • Yay or Nay to Your CPA?

    While working with my CEO coach in 2015, he suggested we make it a point to review our working relationship with our current CPA firm. Our CPA firm at the time had worked with us for over a decade. […]

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  • The Right Attitude – Weather or Not!

    Sitting in my backyard—enjoying the 75°F mid-November clear sky—makes the social media posts from family and friends of their recent snowfalls seem surreal. Having spent my first twenty-five years of life in the harsh New England winters, I can’t […]

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  • The Final Countdown

    November is here and well underway. We all have less than two full months before we usher in a new calendar year. Somehow—with our days and weeks already jam-packed—we make time for celebrating the holidays. Accompanied with these holidays […]

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  • Peer Groups at Work

    This year we had a vacancy in Accounting and HR within our company due to an employee moving out of the area. We evaluated our needs for this position and determined that the right person with the interest ability […]

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  • I Deserve More! Compensation and Title Increases

    You work hard. You have earned and want a more expensive house. You purchase that more expensive house and move in. After you get the house you realize it requires more time, energy and expertise to maintain. It may even […]

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  • The Two for One Employee

    When the recession hit its peak in 2007-2010 next to the call from individuals needing jobs I received calls from employers for advice on reducing labor burden, aka “Who gets let go.”  Most of them had already cut back […]

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