• Know Your Vessel Before You Take the Helm

    Anchored by Hillsboro Inlet this past weekend, I watched the parade of boats going in and out of the inlet.  The dozen or so boats anchored around us were all from different manufacturers and brands. While all the boats […]

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  • Three Compensation Points to Ponder

    While the construction industry witnessed a decline in job starts towards the end of 2018, they are rising again as we approach the half-way mark of 2019.  According to AGC and Chief Economist Ken Simonson, construction employment continues to rise, […]

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  • Five Tips To Being Hired With A Relocation Promise

    Construction hiring managers are having more difficulty locating qualified and driven candidates, despite being under increased pressure to fill open positions. According to the Sage Construction Hiring and Business Outlook Survey, published in January 2019, 77% of construction companies plan to […]

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  • Are You Overhead?

    The majority of construction companies in America have all but the necessary few employees costed to projects. Executive, Estimating, Safety, Accounting, General Administrative, Human Resources, and Business Development are typically the roles that may be overhead or only partially […]

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  • I Deserve More! Compensation and Title Increases

    You work hard. You have earned and want a more expensive house. You purchase that more expensive house and move in. After you get the house you realize it requires more time, energy and expertise to maintain. It may even […]

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  • Culture vs Compensation

    One of our clients suggested the topic of culture vs. compensation. Their company has been in business for over forty years.  Many of their employees have remained employed with them for a decade or more. They kept the majority […]

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