Construction Angels Charity Gala – 02/08/2020

Good Evening Construction Angel Supporters.  For those of you that do not know me, the construction industry and the people that choose to work in the industry are my passion. This dates all the way back to vocational trade school and my days in the field. My businesses focus on matching and developing human capital on the management side of the industry-Superintendents to CEO’s, the leaders who manage the people that build America and other parts of the world.

Over the years, shortly after the launch of Construction Angels, my team and I started helping promote the Angels through conversation, donation and to date produced fifteen publications which we continue to share in hope to bring awareness to this remarkable charity. We recognize the best thing that could happen would be full funding for the Angels, due to both generosity of the supporters, but more importantly, less families needing support as leaders, not only talk the talk about safety, they are trained themselves, setting the example, and they walk the walk when it comes to safety.

After over a quarter of a century working with Construction Management professionals and interviewing thousands of Superintendents and Field Operations professionals, only one in seven we meet in Florida has formal OSHA training beyond a 10 and toolbox talks.  count the mention of training twenty years ago.  If a federal or local municipality or the Construction Management firm is not requiring it, contractors are not checking or training for it during the hiring and onboarding process.  When addressed with executives or with the individuals themselves most refer to “time and cost as the factors.”  Those of you, who have been part of a team that experienced a fatality can help the Angels and my team, to share what the real cost is to the hearts of those that lost a loved one or colleague and how time stands still in the wake of a tragedy.

John Maxwell, World renowned, leadership coach and author says “A Leader is one that Knows the Way, Goes the Way and Shows the way. “

Michelle is going to share with you the statistics with all of you.  Statistics you will see outweigh the US Military war training fatalities, which must mean we are working in combat daily so we need to realize that and plan and budget for safety!

They say the mirror of a man or women’s heart are their actions.

I will publish an article on my blog following this dinner to coach on the behavioral steps to leading construction teams to live safety while promoting support for Kristi,Richie, the CA team, this remarkable charity and people we are all here to honor tonight.  The article will go to our 50,000 + subscribers, yet that is only a fraction of the leaders in our industry. Will you not only help me to share with those you know, but make it your mission when you leave tonight to gather your company leadership team in the room not to see if they just know the way, but do they go the way and show the way?

Two sayings you will hear me refer to are “Talk is cheap and “Verify don’t Justify” You can’t go back, but you can go forward.

Thank you for doing your part!  Good Evening.