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For Americans, Memorial Day should mean much more than a holiday off from work.  If it doesn’t, I encourage you to attend an event like I did recently to listen to testimonies from those who have fought and continue to fight in battle on behalf of our country.  Many veterans of war continue to sacrifice for us every day by living with mental and physical handicaps.

Soldier Strong, founded in 2009, provides care packages to soldiers to show they are appreciated and to encourage them to maintain hope.  Their enterprise has turned into a highly successful non-profit providing mental health programs and physical augmentations to our veterans.  This organization is making a difference in saving the lives of those who might otherwise fall to suicide or other problems.

Do you know someone that is wheelchair bound because of a stroke or spinal injury? If you do, then you know their dream is probably to be able to walk again.  Soldier Strong’s fundraising efforts go in part towards providing soldiers a costly suit that allows them to walk again. The technology behind these suits was developed by Indego Therapy.

Our wounded soldiers who fought for America might not be as strong as they once were.  With your help they can become strong again, mentally and physically.  If not for our country, I hope you will do it for their families.

Here are two ways you can help:

  1. Denis Richard McDonough is the current Secretary of Veterans Affairs. You can contact him at 800-698-2411 or in writing at Department of Veteran’s Affairs, 810 Vermont Ave., NW Washington, C. 20420 to express your views on passing funding for the Ecoskeloton for our paralyzed veterans. Each suit and the training program costs $150,000.
  2. Donate to Soldier Strong and their programs. Any amount is a step toward helping one more soldier and his family move towards a healthier and happier life.

All of us should be doing our part to help our veterans.

To NO NEW Normal

Happy Memorial Day,

Suzanne Breistol


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