Open During Construction

While taking my usual route to work last week, when approaching the Wendy’s before the turn to my office, I noticed a big red sign: “Open During Construction.”

Looking over at the restaurant, a full construction jobsite had been mobilized in a few short hours, and workers and machinery were up to their business while Wendy’s employees were still tending to theirs.

The transformation of the outer part of the operation had begun, and I am sure an upgrade to the aesthetic of the restaurant interior was underway. Yet no matter what was happening to the building, what would ultimately pay off in their dedication to stay open would be the usual quality of the food, the service from the people serving it, and the customers’ ease in entering and exiting the building and drive-thru.

Business Acumen in Construction Management

Every jobsite in construction is open during construction. Yes, renovating existing homes and businesses that remain for their daily operations is different than a new construction or vacated renovation jobsite, yet all are open for business and require business acumen to be applied to day-to-day activities.

Business acumen is having a fundamental understanding of how a business operates, then using that knowledge effectively to make logical business decisions. Business acumen is a portfolio of knowledge, technical skills, and soft skills used to positively impact an organization and its employees.

Importance of Business Acumen in the Construction Industry

Applying business acumen to each of your projects requires the ability to understand the business the company you own or employ with provides; what the client is expecting before, during, and after construction; and the timing, financial and human resources, equipment, and materials you have allocated to do your job. Understanding the basics of your client’s business is certainly an added plus, either in planning to do the construction while fully operational or after they have vacated, or after hours. Understanding the risk and discomfort factors for your or your client’s company is crucial for a successful project.

My team recently took a webinar called “Business Acumen: What it is and Why it is Critical to Your Success – Aurora Training Advantage.” Not all my employees knew there was a formal term for understanding the ins and outs of how our business operates and its importance for the success of their career with us. They often hear me say to new employees how critical it is to know our business, what makes us different, and what clients we serve.

How do you develop business acumen within your workplace?

1. Listen and observe what is being spoken and shown to you.

“We learn by observation, imitation, and repetition.”—Denis Waitley

2. Ask open-ended questions to understand.

“We make all sorts of assumptions because we don’t have the courage to ask questions.”—Don Miguel Ruiz

3. Understand the mission before you.

“Outstanding people have one thing in common: an absolute sense of mission.”—Zig Ziglar

Successful Project Management in Construction

Professionals with strong business acumen skills can better understand business issues, adapt, and remain flexible during times of change, comprehend business operations, and provide quality insight into achieving their individual and company goals, ensuring business success.

Are you open during construction to the people, places, and things around you that are counting on your business acumen? It’s critical to your and their success.


To Your Fundamental Understanding,

Suzanne Breistol



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