Lead Your Team to Success in the Zone!

For over two decades Suzanne Breistol and her network of qualified industry professionals have been working together to help individuals in the construction industry grow their careers. Below is an overview of some of the many programs that Construction Connection offers to Industry business owners and Executives to help improve leadership, communication, and processes within their organizations.

Communication is Key

To overcome challenges within your organization it starts with identifying and unifying your chosen leaders. Then learning to help one another and hold one another accountable. Learn how you and your leadership team can grow together for optimum performance leading to sustainable growth and security.

Show your team who is the true leader and commit yourself to getting to know them better and helping them help you succeed in The Zone.

Each program is customized to your needs and you can schedule sessions at your pace.

Recommended Program: Leading your Team for Success in The Zone!

8 week program, one day a week (Choice of)

  • 7-9 a.m. breakfast
  • 11-1 p.m. lunch
  • 6-8 p.m. dinner

2 hours per week always on a set day and time convenient for you and your Executive Team

Attendees: All active principals and the key personnel they choose to run the business if they were absent – typically 4-6 people in addition to the owner

  1. Financial Lead ( CFO, Controller, Accounting Manager)
  2. Gen. Mgmt. Lead/Admin/HR (GM, Sr. PM, Human Resources, Executive Assistant)
  3. Sales Lead (Business Development, Sales Manager)
  4. Building Lead (Project Manager, PreCon, Manager Construction)

These people do not need to have the Executive title, but are those that have the attitude, aptitude and will accept the responsibility to be leaders within your organization. GOAL- to set the plan to good health with the body functioning as a whole and getting healthier every week!

Below is an example of some of the sessions we offer in the Zone:

Each individual will be given a DiSC profile. Each person has their own unique DiSC style made up of eight priority scales: Results, Action, Enthusiasm, Collaboration, Support, Stability, Accuracy and Challenge.

By completing a quick and simple on-line assessment you will find out your communication style and how to better communicate with others. This is extremely important for the leadership team to understand each other’s communication style and learn to communicate with one another effectively.

Take-Away: Understanding each other’s communication style and the ability to adjust your approach with your staff/teammates/business partner(s) ultimately strengthening relationships within your organization leading to a more productive and profitable organization… 

Opportunities for Improvement

Each Construction company needs to have the below departments whether they are formally labeled as such or not:

  • Office Management / Administrative Support
  • Financial and Accounting
  • IT/Technology Integration
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing and Business Development
  • Preconstruction /Estimating
  • Purchasing
  • ContractAdministration/Legal/Compliance
  • ProjectManagement
  • Field Operations / Self PerformedOperations
  • Safety
  • Fleet Management/Warehouse Management (whereapplicable)
  • Project Close Out / Warranty / ServiceWork

In this session we review the organizational chart of the company. We then outline who is the leader responsible for the Standard Operating Procedures, manpower, accountability and/or reporting for each of the above departments. We prioritize which areas are most challenging to focus on and then implement the foundation to grow the company successfully. Most companies start with minimal staff and outsourcing as much as possible until it becomes cost effective and more valuable to hire and bring in-house.

Take-Away: A summary prioritizing what areas the leaders of your company need to focus on to improve efficiency within your organization and plan for growth.

In the next session we review, evaluate and strengthen the Vision and Mission of the organization. We set the course for the Mission & Vision while managing risk and accountability.

Take-Away: A clear understanding and buy in from the team on the direction and goals of the company.

Implementation is Key

After the initial sessions if you determine that you need a coach to assist you with Standard Operating Procedures, CEO/COO, Human Resources, or Project Management coaching etc. we will schedule a qualified individual with industry experience to work with you to accomplish your goals. The pricing structure for coaching will be based on specific project requirements.


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