Title: Construction Safety Director (Southeast Florida Based, Travel State of Florida)


Why You Might Want This Opportunity:

If you have experience with developing a safety program for a company or working on a team to develop a safety program and would like to be the lead and do it again this could be for you. The company currently has an internal risk management department and has been relying solely on third-party safety resources in the field. They are now seeking the person to establish what that program should evolve to by either bringing in house or a combination of in-house and outside safety consultants.

About the Company:

Company is a statewide developer/builder of multi-family projects including stick frame garden style, mid-rise, and high-rise mixed-use. The company runs currently up to ten statewide projects in various stages of construction at a time and this position is being implemented to prepare for additional anticipated growth.

Job Overview:

The Safety Director is directly responsible for managing the safety and risk associated with construction projects and company operations. The Safety Director will proactively plan, direct and implement the Company’s safety program to ensure a safe, healthy, and accident-free work environment. The Safety Director supports the Field in ensuring each construction project is conducting operations in a safe manner for the protection of all stakeholders, employees, and the public. The Safety Director ensures compliance with all applicable federal, state, county, and local safety-related regulations. The Safety Director sets the tone for corporate safety and risk management, demonstrates strong leadership skills, works well in a team environment, has excellent communication skills, and strives to enrich the Company Culture.

Career Path:

This position will be the lead for the newly established in-house safety department and growth will consist of going from evaluating and establishing a program to hiring and overseeing staff within the department increasing responsibility with commensurate compensation.