We specialize in vertical building for General Contractors, Construction Management, Developer Builders and Specialty contractors. All levels – entry to CEO including experienced Administrative and Accounting. If you do not fall in this category, please do not apply.


Construction Project Manager/Owner’s Representative Job Description:

Principal company representative for a project or projects during pre-construction and construction process. Responsible for the administrative and technical management of the project, supervises all activities related to contract administration, change orders, submittals, procurement, schedule and budget. Has broad authority to act for the company, including committing the company cost and schedule matters in accordance with the Expenditure Approval Authority Guidelines. Serves as the company’s main point of contact with the General Contractor, Architect, Engineer for matters related to the project. Responsible for directing and leading all other staff at subordinate level on project and mentoring to their fullest potential. Report to Director or Vice President.

Construction Project Manager/Owner’s Rep Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Substitute for the Director/VP in administrative matters when he/she is not available.
  • Maintain mutual beneficial relationship with architects, engineers, general contractor, suppliers and all parties involved in the success of the project.
  • Obtain building permits and special permits for improvements to site except for permits to be obtained by contractor or sub-contractors.
  • Responsible for monitoring and administrating all building documents, plans, specifications, permit revisions and administrate all Architect, Engineers, Designers, Contractors and consultants related to the design of the project.
  • Have thorough knowledge of the company’s contract with the General Contractor and each contract or purchase order with all other parties involved in preconstruction or construction of the project.
  • Assist Accounting in preparation of set-up of project accounting system, preparation of bank draws and requests.
  • Monthly meetings with Bank inspector to review monthly draw application.
  • Review payment requisitions and draws, prepare change orders and conduct thorough CO reviews with General Contractor, Architects, Consultants for all soft costs related to the project.
  • Develop schedule of values.
  • Structure draws/payments in such a manner that company is best represented fairly for work in place and on time.
  • Make projections on the financial status of the project.
  • Knowledge of current issues with project and understand his/her position on those matters.
  • Be prepared to fill the gap when unforeseeable events require action not previously planned or envisioned
  • Know contract, scope, other contract documents.
  • Apply experience/intuition to develop projections.
  • Assure all material and installed items are on site in accordance with the project schedule and sequence of work.
  • Take steps to have all submittals completed in a timely fashion.
  • Monitor delivery schedules, and act when it is apparent an item(s) may be out of sequence.
  • Review and assess General Contractor claims and manage disputes.
  • Review and negotiate change-orders with the General Contractor and Sub-contractors. Have thorough knowledge of prime contract and all applicable Subcontracts.
  • Monitor change-orders effects on the bottom line of the project cost and time.
  • -Provide general administrative and technical leadership for the project. Maintain all project records to support ongoing project activity and to facilitate close out.
  • Assure all reports are submitted in timely fashion, and are accurate as to detail.
  • Cause the schedule to be updated if required. Oversee security of all required permits, verify insurance coverage for General Contractor, sub-contractors and suppliers assure compliance with all local codes and regulations.
  • Serve as communications/information center for the project.
  • Make sure every party who needs to know is informed on matters that affect their work.
  • Schedule and/or facilitate the various project meetings required to successfully coordinate work actively. Have thorough knowledge of all major project issues and priorities.
  • Train/develop subordinates. In addition to on the job training, determine specific growth opportunities for subordinate(s), and take active role in developing training/development activities to address those needs
  • Be aware of specific training/development opportunities available through company, and who to contact to arrange that training.
  • Become aware of training opportunities available through trade associations or local community institutions.
  • Make recommendations to Vice President/Director as to what training will build a stronger team.
  • Keep Vice President/Director informed concerning the progress of the project and any issues that might affect the schedule, budget or status of the project.
  • Monitor tenant upgrade options, conduct walk through inspections, monitor and coordinate completion of punch list.
  • Close out the project. Finalize outstanding issues(change orders, claims, etc. ) with General Contractor, sub-contractor/vendors. Authorize final payment to all parties involved.