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All levels – entry to CEO including experienced Administrative and Accounting

If you do not fall in this category, please do not apply.

Construction Project Engineer Job Summary

Pre-construction Estimating

         Understand the estimating process and review all contract documents.

         Develop and maintain a list of subcontractors/vendors with contact information.

         Work with the Project Manager and Assistant Project Manager on the bid scopes and develop a bid list of subcontractors.

         Copy or have plans copied and distributed to subcontractors and vendors. Use discretion and speak with Project Manager about how many copies to order.

         Contact subcontractors continuously during bidding; develop a list of questions and review list on a daily basis with the PM. Maintain a personal relationship with each subcontractor bidding. Notify Project Manager immediately if subs drop off from bidding.

         Compile lists of subcontractor questions. Review list on a daily basis, send RFI to architect and track and distribute response.

         Evaluate subcontractor bid proposal for complete scope.

         Perform other functions as directed by the Project Manager

Planning and Scheduling

         Work with Project Manager and Superintendent to develop a list of activities with durations, develop a logic diagram, add in precedent and input into SureTrak.

         Assist the Project Manager in directing subcontractors to maintain the schedule through telephone calls and/or letters.

         Edit the schedule as directed by the Project Manager.


         Once the schedule is complete, develop Submittal Register.

         Obtain all shop drawings, product data, physical samples, and other information as required by the contract documents; distribute procurement information to the Project Manager and appropriate parties so that the project is expedited. Notify the Project Manager immediately regarding any delays or concerns.

         Enter information into PROCORE and track as it is sent and received.

Project Management

         In the absence of a Project Coordinator, Job Set-up: Per the Procedures Manual, set up the Project Manager’s Binder, Central Files, Permit Log Binder and Superintendent Files.

         Assist the Project Manager with processing RFIs. Input information as received in PROLOG and distribute answers to appropriate parties.

         Assist the PM with preparation/writing contracts and purchase orders. Verify insurance coverage and require subcontractor to provide proof of insurance per contract documents, input information in PROCORE and give a copy of insurance certificate and prime contract change orders to the Accounting department.

         Record and input meeting minutes in PROCORE when necessary and attend meetings as required.

         Assist the Project Manager with preparation of the monthly application for payment, follow up with routing and scheduled payments, and report to the Project Manager weekly with status.

         Utilizing the most current Timberline Job Cost Summary report, cost code invoices and submit as per the procedures of the Accounting Department.

         Understand and prepare Forecast Reports.

         Coordinate with the project superintendent to track the progress with our rolling punch list.

Change Orders

         Enter Potential Change Orders in PROCORE, track and provide weekly reports for Project Manager review.

         Assist the Project Manager in securing pricing, preparing the scope of work and input of information in PCO. Convert PCO to COR. Prepare COR, attaching copies of all backup, for Owner’s approval.

         Compile CORs for Prime Contract Change Order on a monthly basis or as needed.

         Once the owner has signed the PCCO, issue subcontractor CO’s and Purchase Orders.

Job Closeout

         Assist the Project Manager with the development of a punch list. Distribute the punch list to appropriate parties.

         In the absence of a Project Coordinator, aggressively compile information for Owner’s

         Maintenance Manual (3-ring binder). Give finished manual to the Project Manager for distribution to the owner before owner releases retainage.

         Assist the Project Manager in completing Subcontractor Evaluation Forms, if necessary.

         Assist the Project Manager as required to finish the project.

Construction Project Engineer Additional Duties

         Assist the Project Manager as required.

         Produce neat, accurate and complete paperwork with proper sentence structure, grammar, and spelling. All correspondence will use either engineer block lettering or computer generated lettering.

         Adhere to the company Social Contract and work to bring about the mission and vision of the company through quality performance and personal initiative.

         Assist the Project Manager in completing Subcontractor Evaluation Forms, if necessary.

         Training Participate in company training programs


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