Title: Residential Construction Estimator (Ocala, FL)


We are seeking to hire experienced and detail-oriented construction estimator. This position will require someone who is able to collect and analyze a large amount of data to provide operations with useful and accurate information for planning and decision making in the construction process.

The construction estimator will obtain project specifications, determine appropriate materials, building methods and be able to secure prices and estimates from contractors, as well as for all other resources.

The construction estimator will be able to work within budget, analyze numbers and data, as well as relay the information accurately and effectively for success without compromise on high standards.



  • Communicate with operations about requirements of new/continued projects.
  • Compile list of metrics and data needed for project planning estimates.
  • Conduct site visits of project location, materials warehouses and similar as needed to gather essential information.
  • Assist in deciding on human and material resources after obtaining multiple quotes for each and selecting the most advantageous option.
  • Review and analyze all data for final risk assessment.
  • Prepare detailed outline and report on project estimates, including a timeline, cost, scope and any additional information that may have arisen during assessment.
  • Foster relationships and network with vendors for this and future projects on behalf of operations.


  • 4 years experience as a residential construction manager prior.
  • Prior experience in residential project management desired.
  • Experience with accounting and budget management.
  • Strong understanding of research, analysis and estimation metrics.
  • Excellent forecasting, proposal writing and communication skills.
  • Dependable, professional, well-spoken and detail oriented.