Title: Construction Contract Administrator (Delray Beach, FL)

Job Function:

The Contract Administrator Position is responsible for managing contracts, contract database and all associated files. Duties include assisting with contract development, administration, tracking, and analysis, as well as communication of supplier performance and contract compliance. This position is responsible for all professional services and construction contracts. Must be proficient in contract development, contract standards and language.


  • 3-5 years of construction job related experience strongly desired
  • Proven experience managing contracts.
  • Proves experience with Construction Billing (AIA Documents)
  • Ability to perform through conflict, complexity and to problem-solve issues to resolution.
  • Computer literacy (Word, Excel, E-Mail)
  • Ability to comfortably and effectively communicate, both verbally in presentation and conversation, and written in correspondence to project team, vendors and consultants.
  • Ability to give direction, adapt to change, establish relationships, and work in a team environment


  • Remind vendors of upcoming application deadlines via phone call and email Payment Application Reminder.
  • Use the Internal Payment Application Tracking Log to track calls/emails and dates that vendors were contacted.
  • Date stamp receipt of application.
  • Review complete application for inaccuracies & deficiencies. If deficient or inaccurate, notify vendor within 24 Hrs, via phone call and/or email Payment Application Status Notice.
  • Attach and update an internal Application Status Report, to each application.
  • Assemble a complete package for each draw and attach a Project Draw Transmittal.
  • Maintain an accurate and updated file.
  • Contract Administrator is to contact vendors at least (3) business days prior to the application submittal date as specified in their executed agreement and remind them of the upcoming deadline.
  • Responsible for reminding vendors of upcoming application deadlines by emailing the Payment Application Reminder.
  • Responsible for maintaining an accurate and current Internal Payment Application Tracking Log.
  • If application is incomplete or requires revisions, Contract Administrator is to contact vendor via phone call and Payment Application Status Notice, within 24 hrs to request a revised application for the Project Manager’s review / approval.
  • Review Lien Releases & Affidavit’s for accuracy in conjunction with Pay Applications.
  • Is responsible for working with the PM to notify subcontractors of revisions needed, regarding work complete.
  • Responsible for submitting all applications to accounting.
  • Responsible for attaching an internal updated Application Status Report, to each application.
  • Assemble a complete package for each draw and include all applications submitted under said draw. Each draw package should include a Project Draw Transmittal
  • Responsible to insert a copy of each application into the relative vendor file.
  • Keep accurate documentation and current contracts on file.
  • Close out the job in Timberline from an accounting standpoint.
  • Assist PM with Close-out process (tracking & obtaining final documents, warranties, and as-builts from subcontractors) so final billing can be processed.
  • Assist PM and Sr PM with requested accounting payables and reports.
  • Setting up, tracking & terminating utility services
  • Assisting with Permit Process (submission, tracking and obtaining Building Permits)
  • Tracking of “Notice to Owners” for subcontractors & 2nd tier contractors to align with billing requirements & Lien Notices.
  • Tracking of Subcontracts & Purchase Orders for submission and full execution.