Give Yourself and Your Career a Gift This Holiday Season

Many construction companies share the successes of the year by gifting employees with a cash gift or bonus during the holiday season. It is a token of appreciation for the hard work each person put in during the year.  Some companies reserve holiday time for celebration and pay varying bonus programs, quarterly, fiscally or on a project milestone or completion basis.

Cash bonuses are very popular with employees for obvious reasons.  Bonus in the construction industry seems to be more an employee expectation these days instead of what bonus was originally intended for, as a way to reward an employee for a job profitably well done. For many, this extra cash goes toward things they need or special things outside their budget they have been waiting on. There is nothing wrong with using your bonus on things that you want – after all, it is your money although it often goes too quickly for stuff that has little lasting reward or value.

There is another potential way to use your bonus money that has lasting reward and value. Invest in your professional development.  Career development through training courses, continuing or higher education not only helps you stay relevant it demonstrates to your employer that you don’t expect all the investment to come from them.

Most people think the only option that pays off is going to college or university for a degree. If you do not have a degree this of course is always of value, but with or without a degree learning and building on your work specific and soft skills always pays off.  Colleges offer continuing education classes on everything from industry skill to communication, public speaking, leadership development, writing and computer skills there are other venues that offer programs of varying lengths. In addition, other options are webinars, workshops, seminars and teaching series held at private venues and often sponsored by your industry associations or advertised specifically targeted toward your industry.  These programs can be as little as a few hours in the evening or a Saturday to a few weeks long dependent on what is covered in the curriculum.  Even if taking one program a year it will add up over time and may even encourage you to do an annual self-evaluation.

Investing in yourself is one of the most rewarding choices that you can make as a professional in any industry. Whether this means enrolling in college courses to obtain a higher level degree or taking industry specific training classes that are necessary to advance your career, such investment in yourself can make you a much more marketable candidate in your career of choice. The more marketable you are as a candidate, the higher your chances will be to score a position with more responsibility and a better salary. Your current employer will likely see your commitment to self-improvement as a demonstration of your dedication, initiative and drive – which many business owners consider to be characteristics of a leader in the making.

So, what are your waiting for? Give yourself a gift this holiday season. Invest in yourself. You won’t regret it.  If you need help finding the right option for you, don’t hesitate to give us a call.  We are always here to help you with growing your career.


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