The President of the Company greets you at the door for your interview. You see their project signs everywhere. You can’t believe he is personally taking time to interview you and you have an opportunity to work for this company. They have to be awesome to work for. Look at all the work they are doing, right?

Their websites say all the right things:[/vc_column_text]

Florida’s Relationship Builder, at XYZ Construction, our long‐standing reputation for quality, service and experience speaks volumes. As evidenced by our extensive list of satisfied repeat clients, we know what it takes to produce a quality project that is designed to not only fit comfortably within your budget, but also aimed to sustain your long‐term construction needs. Our experienced professionals analyze and master every detail, leaving no room for error. We know that cutting costs for materials will only lead to higher costs down the road, and for that reason our projects are completed to the highest functional standard from beginning to end.

XYZ Construction represents a history of dependable pre‐construction and construction management services. We specialize in automotive, garage, retail, industrial, public, government, hospitality, residential construction and more. In addition, we have worked with many schools and universities for phased replacements, classroom additions, cafeteria replacements, parking garages and automotive centers.

In Florida, XYZ Construction project teams are known for consistently completing quality projects on time, within budget and to specification.

At ABC Construction, we consistently deliver superior construction projects by relentlessly advancing each client’s vision, beyond their expectations. Since 1965, ABC Construction has built exceptionally high quality buildings and long lasting client relationships throughout South Florida. Our primary focus has always been, and will always be, on client satisfaction. This intense commitment to our clients is the reason that more than 80% of our customers represent repeat business.

Jim Smith founded ABC Construction and is the President and CEO. Jim is deeply committed to his clients, his employees and his community. He instills a “client first” philosophy in each of his employees which has resulted in a unique company culture that requires everyone to do whatever it takes to get the job done right.

ABC Construction is a full service commercial construction company with extensive experience. We are consistently ranked as one of the Top General Contractors in Florida and are among the 400 largest contractors nationwide. ABC Construction is ready to advance your vision, beyond your expectations, from any one of our offices.

It all starts with our dedication to forging strong relationships as we create innovative, smart, successful solutions to construction projects. We are committed to doing what’s right—every job, every day. We know every project is unique and we approach it as such, never offering cookie-cutter answers. Most importantly, we get to know our clients, customize and personalize the work we do for them, and exceed their expectations at every turn.

At ZYX Construction our reputation has been built on exceptional workmanship, fiscal discipline and a commitment to integrity. We always put our client’s interests first, and we work hard to outperform our peers and raise the bar in the construction industry.

It’s not just about the end product; it’s also about the positive relationships we build along the way.


The President invites you into the conference room. He or she shares with you all the great things happening at the company. They turn to you and ask a few questions, then say typically one of two things: “Thank you for coming in. We have a few more interviews and then will get back to you.”, or some form of “What will it take for us to hire you?”

You accept and start your position with them.   Thirty days into the position either you or the President or other leaders of the company aren’t so warm and fuzzy about the match.

Why? It is like meeting someone attractive at a party and running off to Vegas to get married.   You like what you see on the outside, but know nothing about what is on the inside. Once the honeymoon is over, the true test of time begins.

Whether employee or employer, you can control this process and eliminate risk by delving into the chapters of each other’s books. Successful matches begin with open books and no expectations on how good the book is until you uncover each page and know that you can stay interested in continuing to read it even if you hit a slow-moving chapter.

The first interview is a get to know the responsibilities of the position and interest in the culture of the company. Salary range should be covered before scheduling the interview so if the range is nowhere near what you can provide for your household, than don’t waste anyone’s time. Even if you love them and they love you, the well-being of your family could be at stake. Also, if covered and an employer offers you a low, unjustified amount, it exposes most likely what you will experience over time if they are not willing to outline the timing and milestones for you to get back to your fair salary.

After the first interview both you and the employer should go back and sleep on it to determine if you want to continue finding out if it is a right match. If yes than both sides should take time to do the following:

Introductions and conversations with anyone that will have supervisory responsibility over the employee. Often, the President and the VP or whatever Executive team member you will report to don’t necessarily share the same communication style, values, philosophies etc…

If someone holds the same role as you do within the company,ask to meet them so you can hear first-hand what a day in a life is and what is expected for hours, reporting, travel communication etc..

We always suggest to an employer that they view your work product (sample estimates, RFI’s, Scopes etc..) and if you want to visit one of their jobsites the top employers will arrange for you to do so.   The show and tell should be relevant to the position you are interviewing for, keeping in mind that if you are used to a certain level of performance from either side, and it doesn’t match, someone will have to change if you employ together or the relationship won’t last.

There is a match out there for everyone. 

The difference between those that last for years and those that don’t involve both employer and employee being able to articulate their strengths, weaknesses and what they are willing to improve on or not.  An example is if all Project Managers in your company have degrees, and you interview an awesome Project Manager that says they don’t want to obtain their degree, even with time and financial aid by you, then realistically no matter how good they are they will not be equally credentialed to their peer group.  This doesn’t mean it isn’t a match.  It just means it is changing the make-up of an employer’s staff.

We have a little saying “If it is a red flag on interview, it will be a red room when you go to work there”.   If you can discuss potential challenges before you employ with one another rather than when they arise, they are expected instead of deflating expectations.

Take time to read the pages of the book.  The cover is always designed for you to buy it. With employment the book you can’t put down is always the best!


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