The protests presently calling to defund the police are fortunately not precipitating the elimination of the profession.  Instead, they are mostly looking into the profession for needed improvement in agencies across America.  While some agencies do set an example with how they coach, train and hold their employees accountable, sadly, there are too many examples of bad behavior, even though the vast majority are honorable. 

In every sector of society, there are the good, the bad, and the ugly. This is true amongst the protestors as well.  I am sure the peaceful protestors outweigh the violent ones, and it’s not as if we ban protests because of a violent minority.  Analogously, why should we abolish the police because of a minority of bad officers?  Both protestors and the police have value, and both have pride, passion and commitment to their work. Ironically, it is often the police are who are called to protect the peaceful protestors, as hundreds of them have been threatened or injured by violent protestors, despite appearing to share the same cause.  

Law enforcement in America is being forced to look beyond who has the skills and desire to enter the industry.  Now, they are having to look at who understands the mission, vision and core values of being in law enforcement, as well as the expectations for their precise role and precinct.  They also must be capable of effective oral and verbal communication, and possess a proper understanding of why they are working in law enforcement. 

How do you at your place of business determine who is coachable, who is trainable, and who needs dismissal? 

The pyramid below shows how behaviors come into play when you are hiring, maintaining and developing your team.  Whether you deliver results is based on what someone believes or is willing to do perhaps even more so than what they are capable of doing or learning.   

Where can you start as an individual employer or employee to make a difference in your workplace? 

Examine Yourself 

1. Mision, Vision, Core Values 

  1. Do you know the Mission, Vision and Core Values for your company? 
  2. Do you believe in the Mission, Vision and Core Values of your company? 

2. Expectations 

  1. Do you know the expectations for your job within the company? 
  2. Do you agree with those expectations? 
  3. Do you ask your supervisor and teammates if you are meeting expectations? 

3. Communication (verbal and written) 

  1. Do you communicate effectively to be heard, acknowledged, and responded to as it relates to mission and expectations?  
  2. Do you eliminate bias communication and treat everyone with respect? 

4. Passion

  1. Is your passion for the construction industry based on what you do and who you do it for or with? 
  2. Is your passion for the construction industry based on what it can do for you? 

Every profession, including the construction industry, contains people with whom the majority of the others do not want to be associated due to their attitudes and beliefs.  As much as AGC, ABC, and the other trade organizations and agencies work to eliminate the unjust people in our industry, we still hear and read about those who defaulted on contracts, didn’t follow safety protocolsare not licensed and insured, performed or claimed unfair labor practices, etc.  And yet, imagine what life would be like if we eliminated the profession altogether.  Many people can’t even install a towel bar on their own, not to mention build or manage the building of something of any significant magnitude.  

Let’s all work together to first examine ourselves, and then to use our words and actions to set an example for others.  If you are in a position to hire others, look further than skill and take time to interview for behavior. If you work with someone whose behavior is unacceptable, address it with your superiors.   

We are in unprecedented times right now. As an industry, we need everyone to support one another with making the workplace (jobsite and office) “a safe haven” where the mission, vision, and passion for our industry and the companies we employ are delivered by honorable people holding others accountable when attitudes and behaviors are not acceptable.  

To Your Passion, Purpose and Understanding, 

Suzanne Breistol 


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