• Time Served or Time Well Spent?

    Quite often we have candidates that have worked in the construction industry emphasize their qualifications and value by stating how many years they have worked in the industry. We often hear a candidate tell us that they have 25+ […]

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  • You’re Stressing Me Out!

    All of us have inborn stressors. Each person’s stressors vary depending on how you profile. How and when we react to our inherent stress triggers, control our behavior towards stress and allow us to logically or illogically make business […]

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  • The Teddy Bear behind the wheel of the Bugatti

    DiSC for Workplace Priority Scale for D Profile After many years now of administering the DiSC profile assessment to leaders in the construction industry we have discovered the majority of them profile with the Dominant (D) at the forefront. [...]
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  • More Volume Does Not Mean More Profit

    The DBIA, in a publication titled “ Design Build Done Right”  , define project delivery as “a comprehensive process including planning, design and construction required to execute and complete a building facility or other type of project.” Choosing a […]

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    Are you trying to scream ,“ I can’t type, even with two fingers”?   If so, keep your cap locks on when you are sending e-mails and completing information online, whether for a job application or anything else. To the […]

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