• Know Your Vessel Before You Take the Helm

    Anchored by Hillsboro Inlet this past weekend, I watched the parade of boats going in and out of the inlet.  The dozen or so boats anchored around us were all from different manufacturers and brands. While all the boats […]

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  • In Honor and Remembrance

    This weekend most people working in construction will get a long weekend to celebrate and honor in our hearts those who died while serving our country. Growing up, I remember Memorial Day weekend visiting cemeteries where loved ones were [...]
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  • Three Compensation Points to Ponder

    The construction industry had a bit of a decrease in starts at the end of 2018 only to again be on the rise as we continue towards the mid-year mark.  According to AGC and Chief Economist Ken Simonson, construction employment […]

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  • Five Tips To Being Hired With A Relocation Promise

    Construction hiring managers are finding it more and more difficult to bring in the better qualified and driven candidates, while in-house hiring teams are pressured to get the open positions filled. According to the 2019 Sage Construction Hiring and […]

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  • The Authentic You is the One that Gets and Keeps the Job

    Warren Alter from Alter Surety Group posted a recommendation to read a book called Presence by Amy Cuddy. It is about bringing your boldest self to your biggest challenges. The book has a full section on interviewing, in which the […]

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  • The Interview

    Joe’s communication style is to never say he knows something until he has all the detail and facts.  Sandra’s communication style is to say she knows how to do it when faced with a challenge.  She will figure it […]

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  • Lead Your Team to Success in the Zone!

    For over two decades Suzanne Breistol and her network of qualified industry professionals have been working together to help individuals in the construction industry grow their careers. Below is an overview of some of the many programs that Construction [...]
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  • The Second Spouse Syndrome

    “I worked for a small construction company and they had cash flow issues.” I never want to work for a small company again. “I worked for a big company and they didn’t care about their employees.” I never want […]

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  • Value and Worth in the Workplace

    There is a popular social media post that often accompanies someone’s rough day at work or a separation from their employer. The quote is: “Your value does not decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth” unknown author […]

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  • Encouraging the Boss – Regardless?

    Every day now a new name pops up announcing their participation or possible participation in the 2020 Presidential race. The announcements all have two things in common: they don’t agree with how the current President of the United States […]

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