• Do You Love What You Do?

    Do You Enjoy Your Work? Saturday, I was at the hair salon, conversing with my stylist, the salon’s owner, about my new book and the conversations surrounding the topic since the recent book launch. While we talked, I observed […]

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  • Will You Help Me Celebrate?

    Celebrating Success as a First-Time Author If you subscribe to my blog, written weekly for the construction industry, or follow me on social media, then you might already know that on February 23rd of this year, I launched my […]

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  • Stinking Thinking

    Managing Workplace Thoughts and Attitudes In the book I am currently reading, the author shares: Sow a thought, reap an act. Sow an act, reap a habit. Sow a habit, reap a character. Certain things accompany certain roles within […]

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  • Are You a Titlist?

    Golfer or not, you most likely know the name Titleist and its simple, elegant script logo. The history, dating back to 1932, of the brand, the logo, and the parent company’s ability to stay in the number one spot […]

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  • Heart and Hands to Help Rebuild

    Hurricane Ian, one of the most powerful storms in US history, made landfall on the West Coast of Florida and again in the Carolinas. Hurricane Ian caused mass destruction and wiped out entire communities while its outer bands and […]

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  • How Do You Like Middle Management?

    If you are a construction management professional, whether at assistant level project management, field management, project administrator or any title below director and above tradesman, like it or not, you are middle management! Just look at your company’s organizational […]

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  • On Top of Your Game!

    In sports when an athlete is playing their chosen sport at their highest level, it is referred to as “on top of their game.” Thesaurus.com lists synonyms for “on top of your game” as going places, on top of […]

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