• Is Silence Deadly?

    This week’s “quote of the week” at our company is I remember when my daughters were teenagers, and they would have a discussion with my husband regarding an opinion toward action. He would listen and often not comment in […]

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  • Quiet Quitting – Not So Silent This Labor Day

    Labor Day was originally celebrated in 1894 as an American holiday to celebrate the labor movement, contribution, and achievements after riots from workers demanding a better work life balance and conditions. Many workers in the late 1800s and early […]

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  • Take Notice!

    Recognition, the word that means so many different things to people. Indeed, closes the top sixteen list of why people change careers with “Looking for more recognition.” It only takes seconds scrolling through social media posts in a business […]

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  • Time To Shut Down

    Indeed’s list is nearing the end with next week’s wrap-up of number 16 “Looking For More Recognition.” But, circling back to skipped number 13 on the list is “Needing a Better Work-Life Balance.” Indeed’s author states “Having time for […]

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